Connect From Anywhere

Unlike your key fob – which only works when it's a short distance from your vehicle – INFINITI InTouch™ Services can lock or unlock your vehicle from virtually anywhere, so long as your device is connected to the internet. Whether you need to lock or unlock your vehicle from across the parking lot or across the country, INFINITI InTouch Services has you covered.

Set Up Notification Preferences

Set up a notification preference on the MyINFINITI Owner Portal or smartphone app to receive a push notification every time a door lock/unlock command is sent to your vehicle.

Voice Activation Technology

Prefer using your voice instead? Remote Door Lock/Unlock commands can be sent via the INFINITI InTouch Services Skill with Amazon Alexa by saying a phrase like, "Alexa, unlock the doors of my Q60 using INFINITI InTouch Services".

Set A Delay Period

For security reasons, your INFINITI vehicle will only remain unlocked for a minute after you initiate a remote door unlock command. To allow more time to get to your vehicle, you can set a delay period of up to ten minutes.

Available On

Discover the full list of features on each available INFINITI InTouch system. View System Availability & Compare to get the functionality that matters most to you – including the remote features of INFINITI InTouch Services (if applicable).

Customer Questions

Visit our FAQs for any questions, queries or concerns you might have regarding INFINITI InTouch, subscription options and more.

  1. How do I get Started Using INFINITI InTouch™ Services?

    If you purchased your vehicle new, you may have a complimentary trial available, but you will need to enroll to take advantage of that trial. It’s never been easier to get started, just follow the steps below.

    1. Just ask your retailer to enroll you.
    2. Rather enroll on your own time? You can also find us on the app store.
    3. Download the MyINFINITI App.
    4. Or log in/register for a MyINFINITI Owners Portal Account.

  2. What is INFINITI InTouch™ Services?

    INFINITI InTouch™ Services is an innovative connected car solution that combines safety, service, and infotainment into a complete package.

  3. What services are included in the INFINITI InTouch™ Services package?

    To view a full list of features, visit the System & Availability page for more information.

    > System Availability & Compare

  4. What is Remote Door Lock/Unlock?

    Remote Door Lock/Unlock allows you to remotely unlock or lock your INFINITI ’s doors through the MyINFINITI App or MyINFINITI Owners Portal from any location. If you forgot to lock your vehicle, or if you need to open it and don’t have the keys, you can send a remote request. The doors will automatically relock if a door has not been opened within a minute after a successful remote unlock request.

    In order for the Remote Door Lock/Unlock command to be successful, your vehicle must meet the following criteria:

    - Engine must be off.
    - Doors must be closed.