Vehicle finder

Explore the features that can help you locate your vehicle at all times based on its coordinates. [[5550]]

INFINITI InTouch Car Finder

Vehicle location solutions

My Car Finder helps you locate your vehicle remotely, whether en route or in a crowded parking lot. Use the MyINFINITI app and MyINFINITI Owner Portal map to pull up your vehicle's GPS location whenever you need to. [[5550]]

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Curfew Alert

Receive a notification if your INFINITI vehicle is driven outside of a time schedule that you set up. [[5550]]

Emergency Call

Connect with a live Response Specialist 24/7 if you ever find yourself in need of help. [[5550]]

Max Speed Alert

Get an alert if your INFINITI vehicle is driven faster than the speed threshold you set. [[5550]]


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What technology does My Car Finder use?

The device communicates through a cellular network. Connection and signal strength may vary and be limited by location.

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Your car, on the go

Stay connected to your vehicle. Get a suite of digital alerts and remote services with the MyINFINITI app—your direct link to personal security, convenience and confidence. [[5550]]

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