INFINITI InTouch Connected Services

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INFINITI InTouch unlocks the luxuries of navigation, security and remote convenience features, in-vehicle data and Wi-Fi, and entertainment—all in a single, innovative, in-dash system, if your vehicle is so equipped.[[5550]][[5006]][[5452]]

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INFINITI InTouch Interior

Enjoy 3 Years of Premium Connectivity

All new 2024 INFINITI models equipped with InTouch Services come with a 3-year Premium Package trial. [[5506]]

Couple exiting and walking away from their INFINITI QX80 SUV


Navigate with Confidence

A navigation-equipped INFINITI with an integrated, in-dash GPS system can help you find addresses and points of interest. Stay focused on the road with guidance from visual and voice commands.[[5506]][[5006]]

Remote features

Start your INFINITI vehicle remotely, lock your vehicle and more—all without ever stepping outside—when paired with the user-friendly smartphone app. [[5506]][[5502]]

My Car Finder

Locate your INFINITI vehicle remotely using GPS, whether en route or in a crowded parking lot. [[5550]]

Remote Door Lock/Unlock

Lock and unlock your INFINITI vehicle's doors remotely when your keys aren't handy. [[5550]]

Remote Horn & Lights

Can't find your vehicle? Get your vehicle's lights to start flashing and your horn to beep for 15 seconds. [[5550]]

Remote Vehicle Status

Real-time information on your INFINITI’s fuel level, odometer reading, malfunctions and door status.[[5506]]

Interior view of INFINITI vehicle highlighting Apple CarPlay feature


Mobile Freedom for Your Drive

All the best features your compatible Siri®-equipped iPhone® offers, easily accessible on your INFINITI’s built-in display. Get directions, make calls and more, all while staying focused on the road. Select vehicles are equipped with wireless CarPlay.[[5506]]

Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind

Stay in-the-know about your vehicle—even when you’re not in it. [[5506]]

Maintenance Alert

Receive a notification when your INFINITI needs to be taken in for routine maintenance. [[5506]]

Curfew Alert

Receive a notification if your INFINITI vehicle is driven outside of a time schedule that you set up. [[5550]]

Drive Zone Alert

Receive an alert if your INFINITI arrives at or departs from your set geographical boundary. [[5506]]

Max Speed Alert

Get an alert if your INFINITI vehicle is driven faster than the speed threshold you set. [[5550]]

Get to know the MyINFINITI app

MyINFINITI App showing remote engine controls for Q50
MyINFINITI App showing control functionalities for QX60


Your car, on the go

Stay connected to your vehicle. Get a suite of digital alerts and remote services with the MyINFINITI app—your direct link to personal security, convenience and confidence. [[5506]]



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Explore all INFINITI InTouch packages and features. [[5550]]

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