Privacy Notice

December 20, 2023

Purpose and Scope

INFINITI Division of Nissan North America, Inc. (“INFINITI” or “we”) values your privacy. This Privacy Notice discusses the information we may collect, use and share through our websites, mobile apps, connected vehicles (including related interactive features, social media networks, other INFINITI-owned or sponsored programs), or directly from you. We value your input and ask that you please contact us during business hours at 1-800-647-7261 or by emailing us at with any questions. 

If you are an employee, retiree, prospective employee, an INFINITI independent contractor, or otherwise work on INFINITI’s behalf, please also review our Employment and Contractor Privacy Notice.  

For a quick reference to what data INFINITI collects, uses and discloses, see Categories of Information We Collect, Use and Disclose.

INFINITI Motor Acceptance Company maintains additional privacy terms specific to credit and financing customers, which can be found at Finance Privacy Notice.

Understanding the Privacy Notice

Certain words used in the Privacy Notice may have meanings under privacy laws that differ from everyday usage. For example, consistent with many privacy laws, we use the term “collect” to mean both intentionally seeking data and passively receiving data that is incidental to other intentionally collected information or services. 

There are a few other terms we want to define now as they are commonly designated by privacy laws to help you understand the Notice:

  • Affiliates are entities that own, are owned by, or are under common ownership with INFINITI. They include entities like INFINITI Motor Acceptance Company, our financial services subsidiary. INFINITI retailers are not affiliates. 
  • Service Providers are companies that provide services to INFINITI. INFINITI’s contract with these Service Providers requires they not sell Personal Data they obtain through INFINITI or retain or use it for their own purposes.
  • Third Parties are entities that are not affiliates. A few relevant examples include: (1) marketing or promotional partners that help INFINITI better understand its customers’ needs, (2) INFINITI retailers, or (3) in some instances, government entities. Sometimes, one company can be both a “Third Party” and a “Service Provider.”
  • Personal Data or Personal Information is data that can identify, relate to, describe, or be capable of being associated with or reasonably linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular identified or identifiable person or household.
  • Geolocation, as used in this Privacy Notice, refers to two types of location information: 
    • General Geolocation data, for example, your IP address, which could let us know the general area where you are located. 
    • Precise Geolocation, which is collected from sources such as navigation systems or connected vehicles that transmit where you are within a radius of 1,750 feet or less. We treat Precise Geolocation as Sensitive Personal Data and do not use or share it except as described in this Privacy Notice.
  • De-identified information is information that once contained identifying information but can no longer reasonably be used to infer information about or linked to an individual, or a device linked to an individual.
  • Platforms are INFINITI-affiliated websites, mobile apps, connected vehicles, social media networks, and other INFINITI-owned or sponsored programs. 
  • A Cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s device containing information about the user’s device and interactions with a website. When this notice refers to a “Cookie,” it generally means Cookies and other online trackers unless otherwise noted. The term "other online tracker technologies” refers to tools such as pixels, gifs, beacons, and tags, which provide similar information. If a user rejects or deletes certain Cookies, our websites may not work properly.
  • Sensitive Personal Data or Sensitive Personal Information is how we reference Personal Data that consumers might consider more sensitive. In most privacy laws, some common examples of Sensitive Personal Data would be Personal Data that reveal a consumer’s: 
    • Social Security, driver’s license, state identification card, or passport number; 
    • Log-in or financial account data in combination with any required security or access code, password, or credentials allowing access to an account; 
    • Precise Geolocation; 
    • Racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs or union membership; 
    • Contents of a consumer’s mail, email, and text messages unless INFINITI is the intended recipient of the communication; 
    • Biometric information that is used for the purpose of uniquely identifying a consumer; 
    • Personal Information collected concerning a consumer’s health
  • Server Log File Information or Log File is information created when you visit our websites or other Platforms, including information such as IP address, browser type, referring and exit web pages, and your operating system.

You can view the Privacy Notice for U.S. consumers by expanding each of the sections below: