INFINITI Premium Care Integrated Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Coverage For All 2023 Vehicles

INFINITI is expanding our current commitment to customer satisfaction with a new standard vehicle maintenance plan. The plan includes coverage for up to 3 years after purchase and varies by vehicle.

Woman sitting inside her INFINITI vehicle reading her tablet

New Model Year, New Benefits

In June 2022, INFINITI announced that all 2023 models, lease or retail, will have INFINITI Premium Care.[[2584]]The new integrated maintenance program provides a suite of benefits including inspections, oil changes and tire rotations.

“We are thrilled to continue to provide our customers with award-winning services. INFINITI Premium Care is the next iteration of our promise to our loyal clients - offering them first-class programs.”

-Craig Keeys, Group Vice President, INFINITI Americas

What Does INFINITI Premium Care Include Per Vehicle?

3-Year Scheduled Maintenance Items:

Interior close-up view of a driver's hands on an INFINITI steering wheel

Participating retailers may also complement INFINITI Premium Care with INFINITI Valet, providing pickup and delivery of the customer’s vehicle from their home or office.

Man walking behind a red INFINITI QX55 Crossover Coupe SUV parked on street

The INFINITI Premium Care program will be included with the purchase of any 2023 INFINITI vehicle, with QX55 being the first of the retailer fleet to start implementation in June 2022.

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