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Discover features and services to remotely control your vehicle. Effortlessly navigate through the demands on your day, from finding your INFINITI vehicle in a bustling parking lot to remotely checking whether you locked your doors. Our remote features bring convenience to the forefront and put power in the palm of your hand. [[5550]]

MyINFINITI App displaying remote horn and lights feature


A new level of convenience & control

Forgot where you parked? With the Remote Horn & Lights feature, locating your vehicle has never been quicker or more effortless.

Instantly activate Remote Horn & Lights with a simple tap on the MyINFINITI app. Your vehicle's lights will immediately start flashing and the horn will beep for 15 seconds so you know exactly where it is—even in the most crowded parking lot.

Don't want to draw any unnecessary attention? You can opt for a more discreet option: to flash the lights only.

Good to know: In order to use this feature, your vehicle's engine must be off. [[5550]]

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My Car Finder

Locate your INFINITI vehicle remotely using GPS, whether en route or in a crowded parking lot. [[5550]]

Remote Door Lock/Unlock

Lock and unlock your INFINITI vehicle's doors remotely when your keys aren't handy. [[5550]]

Remote Engine Start/Stop

Remotely start your vehicle to bring it to a comfortable temperature before you get in. [[5550]][[5502]]


Questions about remote features?

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Will I be notified if remote commands are successful or unsuccessful?

You can be notified of the success or failure of Remote commands if you have downloaded the MyINFINITI app and have enabled push notifications. You will also be shown the status of the command within the mobile app.

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Your car, on the go

Stay connected to your vehicle. Get a suite of digital alerts and remote services with the MyINFINITI app—your direct link to personal security, convenience and confidence. [[5550]]

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