Interior of an INFINITI vehicle showing Bluetooth settings connectivity technology on infotainment screen



Connect your smart device to your INFINITI vehicle and drive in luxury enjoying the benefits of Bluetooth, including wireless calls and music streaming. [[2328]]


Pairing Your Phone

It only takes a handful of intiuitive steps to pair your smartphone to your INFINITI. Our quick guides are designed to help you get connected with simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

Driver adjusting settings on his INFINITI infotainment screen

Device Compatibility

Explore the full setup instructions and functionality of your Bluetooth system based on model, model year and smart device.

Passenger interacting with audio controls inside of an INFINITI vehicle

Connect To Bluetooth

Easily pair your smartphone with your INFINITI by following these quick, simple setup instructions.


Help & FAQs

Connecting your Bluetooth-supported device to your INFINITI should be a smooth and intuitive experience. If you're experiencing issues, take a moment to explore detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions. Browse by Bluetooth category below.

Woman walking away from a gray INFINITI QX50 parked on the street

Bluetooth Pairing

Explore frequently asked questions relate to bluetooth pairing and setup.