Car Seat Installation Tips

When installing a Child Restraint System (CRS,) always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and your Nissan vehicle’s owner’s manual. You may also find the following tips helpful for installing your CRS.

Be aware that a CRS may be subject to recall by the manufacturer. Check the CRS manufacturer website and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website for current recall information prior to purchasing a CRS. Keep in mind that air bags are a supplemental restraint system and always must be used in conjunction with a seat belt. A rear-facing CRS must never be placed in the front-passenger seat, an inflating supplemental air bag could seriously injure or kill your child. All children 12 and under should ride in the rear seat properly secured in a CRS, booster seat, or seat belt, according to their size. For a comprehensive guide to child safety seat installation and use, consult your child safety seat and vehicle manuals. 2019