Coverage includes:

Lockout Service Icon

Lockout Service
Jump Start Icon

Jump Start
Flat Tire Change Icon

Flat Tire Change
Emergency Fuel Delivery Icon

Emergency Fuel Delivery
Flatbed Towing Icon

Flatbed Towing to the nearest certified INFINITI Retailer
Winching Icon

Accident Towing Coverage

Accident towing coverage to the closest INFINITI Certified Collision Center. Any model year included.
Trip Interruption

Trip Interruption
INFINITI Parked in the City



What information do I need when I call in for Roadside Assistance?

The road service phone agent will ask you to confirm or provide the following pieces of information:

  • Name
  • Call back phone number – (this will also be used as a reference number)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Location of disablement
  • Color of vehicle
  • Exact current mileage 
  • Will you remain with the vehicle when the service provider arrives?
  • For tow service – The name of the Retailer you wish to be towed to.
  • For tow service - Will you be riding with the driver to the Retailer?
  • Does the vehicle go into neutral gear?

What if the Retailer is closed by the time the service provider gets there?

The roadside agent and the service provider will know if the Retailer is closed. Most often, the Retailer has a lock box for dropping keys into. If this is the case, that Retailer can accept vehicles after hours.

If the Retailer is closed and there is no lock box for keys, the vehicle may have to be stored on the service provider’s secure lot until the next business day.

What if I want to get towed home and not to the INFINITI Retailer?

Only INFINITI Retailers are covered as tow to destinations. If you would like to be towed to a different destination, payment will need to be made using a major credit card.

What if my dispatch event is not covered because my coverage expired?

In cases where the request exceeds the coverage, payment can be made via major credit card to secure service.