INFINITI Dynamic Digital Suspension

The INFINITI Q60 features an all-new Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS) which monitors the vehicle’s body roll, pitch and bounce rate to deliver a secure ride and provide optimal comfort and agility.

New electronically adjustable dampers regulate control of the dampening force to create a firm or soft ride. The system can can also filter out a degree of negative feedback from the suspension to limit road noise and minimize low-level vibrations.

INFINITI Q60 Dynamic Digital Suspension

Upgraded Suspension

Equipped with DDS, the Q60 features a range of new software and hardware, including new suspension links and bushings in addition to the electronic dampers.

Customizable Suspension

DDS is fully customizable, allowing drivers to personalize the level of damping force for greater comfort or agility.

Drive Mode Selector

The two ‘soft’ and ‘firm’ electronic damper settings offered with DDS are available for selection through the Drive Mode Selector.