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Infiniti Q50 Runway Reveal

Infiniti and Gilt have partnered with two of the hottest designers in the high-fashion world, Zac Posen and Thom Browne, to create two exclusive Infiniti Q50s. These custom-tailored cars feature elements exclusive to each designer’s aesthetics.

This vehicle contains custom aftermarket modifications. These modifications are expressly excluded from coverage of the Infiniti New Vehicle Limited Warranty (the "Limited Warranty"). Further, any damage or failures resulting from such modifications are also expressly excluded from coverage. Additionally, the Limited Warranty coverage for paint is null and void and the paint on this vehicle is sold "as is" without any manufacturer or other warranty of any sort. The remainder of the Limited Warranty, including all terms, conditions and exclusions, is otherwise unchanged.

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2014 Infiniti Q50 - Exclusive
Designer Edition Custom tailored by Zac
Posen and Custom tailored by Thom Browne

True style means liberation from conformity — it’s this philosophy that led to the creation of two groundbreaking vehicles that celebrate the best of design and performance. Infiniti has partnered with and American designers Thom Browne and Zac Posen to create two stunning versions of the 2014 Infiniti Q50 luxury sedan [*].

For the fashion-centric, every single opportunity to express your style matters, whether it’s through clothing, handbags, shoes or your vehicle.

The Designer Touch

Each known for their distinctive design aesthetics, Thom Browne and Zac Posen pushed their Q50 designs to the limits, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful vehicles. Browne, a celebrated menswear designer known for his shrunken suits, gave his Q50 a striking mirrored chrome finish and added his signature red, white and blue stripes to the interior — as well as custom-fit luggage. Posen, inspired by his own dramatically draped evening gowns, finished the exterior with an ombré treatment that fades from silver in the front to charcoal in the back, and from matte to gloss. The interior features red leather, stingray and velvet. Both designers also created limited-edition accessories, which were sold on

Q50s Behind the Scenes

See exclusive shots of our car customization specialists as they put the finishing touches on the designer Q50s.

Based on the fundamental and undeniable style of the original Q50, the innovative new finishes and luxurious interior details elevate these designer models to the status of fashion icons.

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