An Elevated Design Expression

LUXE Design

A breakthrough in luxury design, this elegantly crafted vehicle carries a purpose-built statement. Low enough to stick to the ground. Wide enough to command attention.

Front Fascia

The sophisticated style of the sculpted front fascia contributes to Q50’s dramatic stance and striking aerodynamic profile.

18-inch Wheels

Every exterior element—from the wheels up— was designed to project a contemporary, elegant presence. These 18-inch split-spoke wheels are a vital component in the vehicle's profile.

Maple Wood Trim

Genuine maple wood trim accents Q50’s elegant interior with warm, premium style.

Design That Knows No Bounds

RED SPORT 400 Design

When sports vehicle design is measured by the rules it breaks, instead of the ones it follows — by the conventions it defies, instead of those it embraces — it becomes free to adapt form and function to new purposes.

Sport Fascias

The sculpted front fascia was designed to be both aerodynamic and aggressive. Dark metallic paint on the front fascia is mirrored by dark metallic paint on the rear fascia, to seamlessly and subtly bring the entire exterior together.

Unique 19-inch Wheels

The Q50 RED SPORT 400 makes its intentions known with 19-inch sport-design aluminum-alloy wheels and high-performance brakes. The message is clear: the RED SPORT 400 was built to perform.

Kacchu Aluminum Trim

This subtly textured aluminum trim is inspired by craftsmanship of traditional samurai armaments, while remaining clean, modern, and the perfect accent to a premium interior.

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