INFINITI QX70 Crossover SUV | Rear profile of grey INFINITI QX70S

The Start Of Something New


It feels like it was only yesterday that we were saying goodbye to the class-defining QX70 – and now already, INFINITI has taken its next bold step forward with a return to the crossover coupe segment it pioneered almost two decades ago.

The 2023 QX55, a trendsetting luxury vehicle experience from INFINITI.

Side profile of INFINITI QX55
Rear profile of INFINITI QX55

Provocative Styling

QX55 carries on QX70’s long-running legacy of stunning good looks with elegant lines, a low-swept crossover coupe silhouette and striking digital piano key taillights.

Interior view of a man sitting in the INFINITI QX55 driver seat

Standout Interior Design

INFINITI QX70’s interior set the bar for style. QX55 carries on the tradition with a bold, performance-driven interior design built to anticipate your every need. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Front profile of INFINITI QX55

Innovative Performance

The INFINITI QX70 was lauded for its performance. That same uncompromising approach led us to design the world’s first production VC-Turbo engine – standard in the INFINITI QX55.[[2532]]

Side profile of a Certified Used INFINITI QX70

Discover Your Certified Pre-Owned QX70

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Exterior shot of entire INFINITI luxury vehicle lineup


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