• This safety defect can KILL or seriously injure you or your passengers

• All safety recall repairs are free at authorized INFINITI retailers

• Replacement parts are available for all affected INFINITI vehicles

• A FREE loaner car, towing service or mobile repair in select locations may be available to assist with any inconvenience this repair may cause

• Contact your local authorized retailer or call 1-888-387-5947 now to schedule your free recall repair

Nissan Air Bag Safety Video

Ongoing Customer Notification Efforts[[5395]]

Enhanced Vehicle Status Identification

  • INFINITI is pursuing efforts to clarify the status of open VINs categorized within its Commercial/Fleet Segmentation.  INFINITI is seeking ways to correctly designate these vehicles as either actively in a fleet or categorize them as Scrapped, Stolen, and Exported.
  • INFINITI is also studying how to utilize multiple data sources and business rules to more accurately account for vehicles believed to be out of commerce.
  • INFINITI is working to identify vehicles that have been scrapped or are otherwise no longer in use.     
  • By enhancing vehicle status information, INFINITI is focusing outreach efforts on vehicles still on the road to better prepare parts supply and allocation.

Enhanced Vehicle Owner Identification

Enhanced Outreach Strategies Identification

Dealerization Activities

INFINITI Internal Call Center

Unique Customer Mailer

State Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Engagement

Motor Vehicle Insurer Engagement

Canvassing and Mobile Repair

Behavioral Segmentation

Community Awareness and Advocacy

Employee Engagement Initiatives

Removal of Inflators from Used Vehicle and End of Life Markets

Removing Barriers to Customer Inconvenience

INFINITI Recall Lookup Tool

Check if your vehicle is affected and to obtain instructions specific to your vehicle.