2015 Infiniti Q60 IPL Convertible Exterior | Q60 IPL Convertible in Majestic White by the Ocean

The INFINITI Q60 IPL® Convertible

Production of the Q60 IPL® Convertible has come to a close.

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Q60 IPL® Convertible Features

The Convertible That Combined Refined Performance With Top Down Comfort

The Q60 IPL® Convertible boasted many of the features you’ve come to expect from INFINITI vehicles.

2015 Infiniti Q60 IPL Convertible Exterior | Passenger's Side Profile in Majestic White

INFINITI Performance Line®

The Infiniti Performance Line® represents the pinnacle of Infiniti innovation and craftsmanship. Luxury and performance are amplified in the Q60 IPL Convertible: the exclusive IPL-tuned engine and suspension augment the driving experience while aggressive styling and aerodynamics visually express the elemental strength contained within.

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2015 Infiniti Q60 IPL Convertible Exterior | Rear Profile Featuring LED Tail Lights

Hard Top Convertible

The three-piece retractable hardtop was engineered to open and close in an unconventional clamshell manner to minimize bulk when folded, creating a slimmer, more appealing exterior look. It opens and closes smoothly and efficiently so you can get to the best part of the Q60 IPL Convertible experience: the drive.

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2015 Infiniti Q60 IPL Convertible Technology | Infiniti RearView Monitor System

RearView Monitor

Engage reverse and your vehicle information system displays images from a discreetly-mounted color camera on the rear of the vehicle. Colored guidelines help give you an accurate sense of how close you are to objects behind, and they adjust as you turn, to show your path [*]. As an added measure, the Rear Sonar System [*] emits a beeping tone and displays an icon on the RearView Monitor display when an obstacle appears near the rear bumper.

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