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The INFINITI InTouch companion app provides connectivity to apps that matter to you in your equipped vehicle.

This app allows you to use various features of Facebook and Online Search with Google™through your INFINITI InTouch display. In addition to the intuitive touch screen controls, it also has voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

For more information, visit the INFINITI InTouch Apps FAQs..

Before you can run the features below, you’ll need to download the INFINITI InTouch™ companion app on your smartphone:

Available Vehicles

2018: QX30
2017: QX30
2016: Q50
2015: Q50
2014: Q50

INFINITI InTouch™ Mobile App

  • Drivers can stay connected with popular apps in InTouch equipped vehicles.
  • Each supported app works seamlessly with the vehicle displays.
  • Some INFINITI InTouch™ Apps services enable voice input (voice recognition), while others will read out content presented in apps using text to speech.
  • Select and configure your favorite supported apps from the “Manage My Apps” tab found within the INFINITI InTouch Mobile App.

APP Highlights


INFINITI InTouch Navigation


INFINITI InTouch Owner Service

Manage your apps

INFINITI InTouch Monitoring

Manage your account