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INFINITI InTouch™ Navigation

An InTouch with Navigation equipped INFINITI provides a GPS system that is built right into your dashboard. Stay focused on the road ahead as the system guides you with a real-time map display and turn-by-turn voice instructions.

If you know exactly where you’d like to go, but don’t know how to get there, you can input a street address, intersection, or business name and your system will effortlessly guide you there. If you don’t have an exact location to provide, you can search points of interest (POI) by name or by category such as parking, gas station, ATM, restaurant and more. You can even search nearby POIs to see what is close to you.[*]

Your Route, Your Way

After inputting your destination, you can opt to choose your exact route. Choose between fastest route, energy saving, or shortest distance.

Save, Select, and Go

You can save destinations for easy access at a later time for quick routing. Simply click on one of your saved locations or on an INFINITI retailer on the map to begin navigating to that location without having to type an address on the screen.

Map Updates

As roads, highways, and neighborhoods change and develop, it’s important to update your maps so that you can travel quickly and efficiently by using the latest routes. An up-to-date navigation system provides the latest roads, points of interest, updated addresses, and more.

Keeping your navigation system updated is easy. Click here to learn more and make sure to order a new SD-card or CD annually for the most up-to-date system. Installation is easy, takes minutes, and does not require a trip to your retailer.