Contact us at 1 (800) 334-7858 with a detailed police report to initiate the Stolen Vehicle Locator service, and we’ll work with the authorities to bring your INFINITI back home safely.


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Customer Questions

Visit our FAQs for any questions, queries or concerns you might have regarding INFINITI InTouch, subscription options and more.

  1. How do I get Started Using INFINITI InTouch™ Services?

    If you purchased your vehicle new, you may have a complimentary trial available, but you will need to enroll to take advantage of that trial. It’s never been easier to get started, just follow the steps below.

    1. Just ask your retailer to enroll you.
    2. Rather enroll on your own time? You can also find us on the app store.
    3. Download the MyINFINITI App.
    4. Or log in/register for a MyINFINITI Owners Portal Account.

  2. What is INFINITI InTouch™ Services?

    INFINITI InTouch™ Services is an innovative connected car solution that combines safety, service, and infotainment into a complete package.

  3. What services are included in the INFINITI InTouch™ Services package?

    To view a full list of features, visit the System & Availability page for more information.

    > System Availability & Compare

  4. How does Stolen Vehicle Locator work?

    Using sophisticated technology, the Stolen Vehicle Locator feature can help pinpoint your vehicle's location and assist police in recovering it, in the unfortunate event that it is ever stolen.

    In the event your INFINITI is stolen, you will need to first alert the local police and file a stolen vehicle police report. Next, call INFINITI InTouch Services at [Nissan 1-844-711-8100; INFINITI 1-800-334-7858] with the police report number and request that the Stolen Vehicle Locator service be initiated on your vehicle. For your safety, when your vehicle has been located, the location will only be reported to law enforcement.

    You can contact INFINITI InTouch Services to check the status of an existing Stolen Vehicle Locator request, request an extension, or initiate a new request. INFINITI InTouch Services will cease tracking after 14 days, or as soon as the vehicle location is known. Vehicles that have been reported stolen cannot be accessed through the MyINFINITI App or MyINFINITI Owners Portal.

    When the vehicle's location is known, INFINITI InTouch Services will contact the law enforcement agency in the jurisdication where the vehicle has been located and advise authorities of its location. Your contact information will be provided to the law enforcement agency so that you can be notified after the vehicle has been successfully recovered. You can contact the local police at any time to check on the status of the stolen vehicle report.