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Explore navigation systems and services for your INFINITI vehicle, designed to help get you to your destination efficiently and confidently.

INFINITI InTouch Navigation

Your guide to the road ahead

Get turn-by-turn guidance, avoid traffic jams, find the best places to eat and shop, and stay informed about your surroundings. Available voice control allows you to control navigation with your voice, so you can keep your hands on the wheel. [[5506]] [[5006]]

INFINITI Navigation

Getting around should always be this easy. INFINITI Navigation helps keep you moving with detailed real-time Premium Traffic information, 3D building graphics and seamless turn-by-turn directions. [[5006]] [[5506]]

Interior view of INFINITI vehicle showing InTouch navigation

Keeping you on-the-go

If you know exactly where you’d like to go, but aren't sure about the best way to get there, you can input a street address, intersection or business name and your system will guide you there effortlessly.

If you don’t have an exact location to provide, you can search points of interest (POI) either by name or by category, using terms such as parking, gas station, ATM, restaurant and more. You can even search nearby POIs to see what's close to you.

Red INFINITI QX55 driving through urban cityscape

INFINITI InTouch Navigation

INFINITI InTouch Navigation is a GPS system built right into your dashboard. Stay focused on the road ahead as the system guides you with a real-time map display and turn-by-turn voice instructions.

Enjoy the innovative convenience of INFINITI InTouch Navigation and get where you need to go in comfort and style. [[5006]] [[5506]]


Door To Door Navigation

Let INFINITI InTouch Services simplify your journey from start to finish, from the first mile to the last, with Door to Door Navigation. [[5006]] [[5506]]

INFINITI InTouch Door to Door Navigation

Your journey starts here

Search for a destination in the MyINFINITI app and send it to your vehicle. Then, with the click of a button, you can find your vehicle and the MyINFINITI app will display walking directions to your INFINITI. Once in your INFINITI, your navigation system (if vehicle so equipped) will begin directions to your destination.

INFINITI InTouch Map Updates

Download map updates for 2022 & prior models

As roads and highways evolve, it's important—and easy—to keep your GPS maps up to date.

Monthly Mapcare updates are delivered via your vehicle’s built-in connectivity or home Wi-Fi network, but you can also choose to download them for yourself.

Purchase your INFINITI Navigation System map update today and make the most of your journey. [[5451]] [[5506]]

INFINITI InTouch Premium traffic

Premium Traffic

Get where you need to go with Premium Traffic. Delivered straight to your navigation system, Premium Traffic brings you the latest about congestion, traffic jams, road and lane closures, construction zones, and road incidents.

Refreshed up to every 2 minutes, this up-to-date traffic info helps you stay in-the-know and in control on the road by dynamically routing and re-routing your trip based on current conditions and providing estimated times of arrival. [[5506]]

Enhance your trip planning

Discover nearby places, save the hassle of typing locations into your vehicle's navigation system and explore the world with confidence. [[5506]] [[5006]]

INFINITI InTouch Trip Planning

Discover destinations with ease

Use your INFINITI InTouch Navigation System to search for nearby places, and Connected Search will return Points of Interest results based on your search term and vehicle’s current GPS location. The POI results will be ordered by locations closest to you and include detailed information. [[5506]]

Journey Planner

Planning your next road trip? Do it in advance before you leave home on the INFINITI Owner Portal. Journey Planner helps you find the top hiking spots, scenic routes or gas stations for snacks. [[5506]]

INFINITI interior

How do I use Journey Planner?


  1. Using the INFINITI Owner Portal, click the INFINITI InTouch Services link and select the Destinations tab.

  2. Enter your starting point and end destination, plus up to four waypoints you’d like to visit along the way.

  3. Journey Planner will determine your route, calculate driving distance and time, then send your journey seamlessly to the INFINITI Navigation System.

  4. Once sent, you will need to sync your navigation system feed through the INFINITI InTouch Services Menu to download your journey.

Related features

Explore similar features to make the most of your drive.

Remote Door Lock/Unlock

Lock and unlock your INFINITI vehicle's doors remotely when your keys aren't handy. [[5550]]

Connection to Roadside Assistance

Connect with a Response Specialist who can direct towing or other services to your location. [[5550]]

Destinations by Google

Search for a point of interest using the Google search engine from your vehicle. [[5006]] [[5506]]


Questions about INFINITI Navigation?

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How can I update my INFINITI's navigation system map?

Visit to purchase your INFINITI navigation system update.

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Stay connected to your vehicle. Get a suite of digital alerts and remote services with the MyINFINITI app—your direct link to personal security, convenience and confidence. [[5506]]

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