myQ® Connected
Garage Door Opener

What is myQ® Connected Garage Door Opener?

The myQ® Connected Garage Door Opener is a cloud technology that empowers you to control and monitor your garage door remotely using your touchscreen display. You can open, close, customize settings and check the state of your garage door from anywhere.


Connected Garage Door Opener with myQ® is currently available on the 2025 INFINITI QX80. Compatible Garage Door required.[[5550]] [[5584]]

Operating INFINITI MyQ Garage door from inside the vehicle via touchscreen

Feature benefits

Experience unparalleled control over your garage through the vehicle's touchscreen display, allowing you to effortlessly supervise, and operate the garage door from your compatible vehicles touchscreen display. 


Connected Garage Setup Guide

To get started, make sure you have a myQ-enabled Garage Door Opener or a Smart Garage(R) Control. If not, you can explore our range of compatible devices at or


If you're new to myQ® Connected Garage Door Opener, begin by downloading the myQ Garage & Access Control app on your mobile device. Create an account, sign in, and connect your myQ garage door devices through the on-screen setup tutorial. Ensure they respond to commands via the myQ mobile app before proceeding.


Before you start the onboarding process, ensure your vehicle is safely parked, either inside or outside the garage, with no obstructions for the garage door.



Which INFINITI vehicles have myQ® Connected Garage Door Opener?


Visit the Package Availability page to find out which vehicles are equipped with myQ® Connected Garage Door Opener


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Questions about myQ® Connected Garage Door?

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Stay connected to your vehicle. If your vehicle is equipped, access a suite of digital alerts and remote services with the MyINFINITI app—your direct link to personal security, convenience and confidence. [[5550]]

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