Emergency Features

Explore the emergency features that help give you peace of mind, even when the unexpected happens. Navigate critical situations on and off the road with confidence. [[5550]]

INFINITI InTouch Emergency Call

Help when you need it most

Help is just a call away. If you find yourself in danger, push the SOS button in your vehicle to quickly call a live 24/7 Response Specialist. Subscription required. [[5550]]

INFINITI InTouch Alarm Notification

Alarm Notification

Get notified in real-time if your INFINITI's vehicle alarm is triggered. Just select your notification preference from the MyINFINITI app and you'll receive an email, text, or push notification when your alarm goes off. [[5550]]

INFINITI InTouch package availability

Which INFINITI vehicles have emergency features?

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Related Features

Explore similar features to make the most of your drive.

Valet Alert

Receive an alert if your vehicle moves outside a set radius when you leave your keys with a parking attendant. [[5506]]

Max Speed Alert

Get an alert if your INFINITI vehicle is driven faster than the speed threshold you set. [[5550]]

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Pinpoint your vehicle's location via GPS and help police recover it, if it is ever stolen. [[5550]]


Questions about emergency features?

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