Alexa Built-In [[2445]][[7006]]

With just your voice, you can easily access your music, get directions, and more. [[5006]]

Interior of an INFINITI QX80 highlighting Amazon Alexa Built-In technology on the infotainment screen
Front profile of an INFINITI QX80 Full-Size Luxury SUV driving down the road


QX80 2023 or later

Clsoe up of infotainment screen highlighting playing music

Music & Entertainment

“Play chill vibes.”
“Play Top Hits on Amazon music.”
“Recommend a food podcast.”
“Play trivia.”

Infotainment screen showing navigation features


“Take me home.”
“Give me directions to 123 Main Street.”
“Find a nearby coffee shop.”
“How’s my commute home?”

Infotainment screen showing weather information


“What's the weather?”
“How tall is the Eiffel Tower?”
“Will it rain today?”
“Tell me a car joke.”

Couple walking behind an INFINITI QX80 Full-size luxury SUV


“Add eggs to my shopping list.”
“What's on my calendar today?”
“Add car wash to my to-do list.”
“Call Mom.”

Woman sitting on couch with smart home screen showing time and date

Compatible Smart Home

“Lock the front door.”
“Turn on the porch light.”
“Set my house to 72 degrees.”
“Open the garage.”

Ways to use Alexa in your INFINITI:

INFINITI QX80 steering wheel with illustration highlighting the talk button


Screen showing Alexa Built-In feature

Tap the Alexa icon on the screen

Get Started

  1. Connect to the internet

    Via a INFINITI InTouch with Wi-Fi Hotspot (AT&T)
    Start Enrollment

    Via a Personal Hotspot 
    1. Turn on hotspot mode on your mobile phone
    iPhone: Settings > Personal Hotspot
    Android: Swipe down from the top of the screen > Tap Hotspot icon
    2. On your INFINITI infotainment screen, select Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi
    3. Find and select your mobile hotspot
    4. Enter the password for your hotspot and tap "connect“

  2. Open Alexa

    QX80: MENU > Info > Downloaded Apps > Alexa

  3. Follow instructions

    ・A QR code will be displayed. Use your phone camera to scan the code or type the URL in your browser.
    ・Open the link and sign in to your Amazon account to connect it with your vehicle.
    ・For easier access, set Alexa as your default voice assistant, to the "TALK" button on your steering wheel.
    ・Tap Finish

INFINITI QX80 infotainment screen showing the Alexa Built-In get started
Couple sitting on couch in front of Amazon Alexa smart home device

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You can use your voice to remotely start your equipped INFINITI, unlock your doors or flash your lights from your home.[[5502]][[7007]]

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