The QX30 is a crossover that is ready for anything and poised to tackle any challenge in front of it, just like the people who drive it - people like you. We’re inviting you to share your stories of dreaming big, finding inspiration and staying on track with a series of step up challenges. Are you ready to show the world how you step up in your QX30?  

How To Tackle the Step Up Challenges

For the next several weeks exciting new challenges will be posted on the INFINITI USA Instagram page. Show the world how these challenges inspire you to fulfill your potential by sharing a photo of you striving to achieve a goal with your QX30 and the hashtag #StepUpChallenges.  

Whether it’s looking to the future and making a bold plan, or simply pushing yourself to take the more challenging path, #StepUpChallenges are about one thing: the journeys that unlock potential.

The QX30: Dare To Stand Out

Take your place in the limelight with a crossover tuned for any road. The QX30’s capable ride height and modern design tells the world you know where you’re headed. Express your bold nature, in and out of the city limits, with a vehicle that is poised to tackle the road. Equipped with a 208hp engine, available all wheel-drive, and available features like Intelligent Park Assist and Forward Emergency Braking, the QX30 is designed to empower your drive.  

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