Performance of the Highest Order

Prototype 10 shows our intent for future INFINITI performance — illustrating a dynamic fusion of our desire to electrify our cars, and the promise to deliver supreme driving satisfaction.

Reigniting high performance

Taking its cue from high-performance early speedsters, Prototype 10 points to the delivery of exhilarating off-the-line acceleration and pulse-racing speeds in the smartest way possible.

Extend your horizons

Demonstrating the possibilities of our future powertrain technologies, Prototype 10 will inspire new pure electric and e-POWER vehicles — harnessing the full potential of ultra-low emission technology.

Powerful potential

Punctuated by geometric lines, Prototype 10’s bodywork alludes to the sudden acceleration of an electrified powertrain, which can immediately deliver 100% of available torque with a push of the accelerator pedal.

“Prototype 10 highlights the shift towards powertrain electrification for INFINITI. In the near future our cars will offer high performance, extended driving range and the intelligent management of energy.”



An outer expression of inner power

Prototype 10 imagines a stunning new form that telegraphs the performance benefits of advanced electrified powertrains with a more purposeful speedster configuration. A bold representation of the way INFINITI vehicles may look in the future.

Connecting form and function

Prototype 10’s performance is expressed by its low speedster layout and confident proportions. Its long bonnet and open cockpit are contrasted by a dramatic fin behind the driver’s seat.

Progressive balance

The concept’s design is characterized by clear, concise lines and ultra-modern shapes that accentuate its flowing bodywork.

Uninterrupted surfaces

The idea of clean motoring is carried over in Prototype 10’s uncluttered, skyward-facing surfaces. Simple, angular details create a strong visual link to the uninterrupted flow of electric propulsion.

Driver dedicated

The single-seat (monoposto) race car-inspired cockpit represents the performance intent of all future electrified INFINITI models, with attention focused solely on the driver.

The spirit of early Californian speedsters meets the power of electrification

“Our electric vehicle architecture represents a turning point for our design teams, a chance to present alternative proportions with different shapes. This new design language prioritizes clean, efficient lines with which we can articulate a new, confident design language.”




Breaking new ground

Driven by desire, our concept cars challenge conventional approaches to design and performance. Take a look at the concept vehicles that preceded Prototype 10, and what we have planned for the future.

Always surging forwards

Our innovative mindset means we always strive to blend artistry and craftsmanship with the most advanced technology we can — designed to enhance your driving experience in its purest form.