A partnership in performance

The body of a coupe. The beating heart of a race car. Project Black S is an evolving collaboration between INFINITI and Renault Sport Formula One™ Team to develop innovative technologies for an electrified future.

“A collaborative venture between INFINITI and the Renault Sport Formula One™ Team, the Project Black S prototype is a test-bed for new ideas and technologies, demonstrating how our Alliance partnerships could make our ambitious visions a reality.”

Roland Krueger, President, INFINITI

The power of electrification

Pinnacle technology

With more power comes even greater performance. Project Black S demonstrates INFINITI’s commitment to developing high-performance electrified powertrains.

INFINITI Project Black S Prototype | Performance

Increased power. Instant acceleration.

The dual hybrid Energy Recovery System helps deliver instant electric torque and lag-free acceleration alongside the turbo-charged V6 internal combustion engine by harvesting both kinetic and heat energy.

Intelligent energy management

Project Black S generates more power and more acceleration than ever before — potentially revolutionizing the performance of our future road cars.

Instant stopping power

The brake-by-wire system combined with carbon ceramic discs give greater, more accurate control at high speeds for a confident and consistent braking sensation.

“While still a prototype, this dual hybrid system is a world first, harvesting both heat and kinetic energy under braking and acceleration. By intelligently scavenging and recycling energy, the hybrid performance from the Project Black S powertrain would be smart, sustained and utterly satisfying to deploy.”

Francois Bancon, Vice President Motorsport and Connected Vehicle, INFINITI

Aerodynamic design

Shaped by performance

Project Black S is the ultimate expression of INFINITI DNA, balancing Q60’s artistic curves with enhanced sports aerodynamics.

Small enhancements, greater power

Lightweight and streamlined, Project Black S harnesses sculpted carbon fiber bodywork and a two-seat, motorsport-focused interior to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

Keep cool

Keeping high-temperature components cool are vents, louvers, and precise aero styling that help guide airflow where it’s needed most.

Hold the road

Carefully crafted to generate impressive downforce and improved aero efficiency, the rear wing of Project Black S is inspired by Renault Sport Formula One™ Team’s race car.

The Project Black S journey

A project of passion

Advancing Project Black S from the Geneva 2017 design study, INFINITI and Renault Sport Formula One Team continue the journey towards electrified performance.

Renault Sport Formula One™ Team and INFINITI

INFINITI Project Black S Prototype | Design details

INFINITI Project Black S Prototype and Renault Sport Formula One™ Team | F1™ technologies

INFINITI Project Black S Prototype | inspiration

“This partnership is as much about exploring efficient new production processes as it is about creating ground-breaking new powertrains.”

INFINITI Project Black S Prototype | Materials

INFINITI Project Black S Prototype | Aerodynamic design

Shaping the future of electrified performance

See how we're collaborating with Renault Sport Formula One™ Team for the co-development of performance hybrid technology.

The heart of our venture

Our most premium sports coupe on the road today. Daring proportions meet the uninhibited performance of a 400 horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine.