Interior view of an INFINITI dashboard with someone’s hands on the steering wheel

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Direct Adaptive Steering®:

A World’s First Technology, INFINITI’s Direct Adaptive Steering® (DAS) removes the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and tires, allowing for instantaneous driver input that can be digitally processed and adjusted up to 1,000 times per second. The DAS is unaffected by the kickback and forced movement of conventional steering but still gradually requires more effort with increased speed and G-forces like a conventional system.

The confidence-inspiring system allows the driver to choose Sport and Sport+ modes for quicker steering and more driving pleasure.


In 2013 INFINITI introduced Directive Adaptive Steering®- the world's first digital steering system. Now just three years later the second generation of this ground-breaking technology is available on select INFINITI models like the thrilling Q60 Coupe and the sophisticated Q50 Sedan.

Front view of an INFINITI driving along a curvy highway
Direct Adaptive Steering®

The Drive Mode Selector

Personalized Steering

Drivers can choose from several modes to customize steering performance using the Drive Mode Selector.

Less Effort

In the Standard mode, steering requires less effort at lower speeds for easy maneuverability.

Quicker Steering

Compared to Standard mode, at a speed of 60 mph the steering ratio for Sport is four per cent quicker, and 12 per cent quicker for Sport+.

Steering Technology

The Next Generation Of A World's First

Control. Precision. Adaptability. Handling’s triple-crown. Now, after more than ten years of research and development and three years of real-world testing, the second-generation of this world’s-first system is here. Directive Adaptive Steering® uses electronics for a more precise feeling behind the wheel. Over uneven roads, this moderates the need for constant, subtle adjustment, imparting a commanding feeling while helping shield the driver from excessive road vibrations.

Two images of hands on a steering wheel comparing standard steering to direct adaptive steering

Standard Steering

While driving on uneven roads, drivers typically make constant, subtle adjustments to maintain control.

Direct Adaptive Steering®

Direct Adaptive Steering® helps shield the driver from excessive road vibrations, giving you a stronger feeling of control.

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