INFINITI QX50 concept crossover

Demonstrating how the design of the 2016 INFINITI QX Sport Inspiration, its conceptual forebear, could be adapted for a future production model, the QX50 Concept confidently articulates INFINITI’s ‘Powerful Elegance’ design language. A ‘cabin-forward’ silhouette combines with muscular lines and flowing surfaces to telegraph its purpose as a dynamic and practical crossover.

INFINITI QX50 Concept crossover, front profile in brown

Setting The Stage For The Future

The QX50 Concept contains the platform on which all future INFINITI autonomous drive technologies will be based. Using input from high-tech laser scanners, radar and cameras, the QX50 Concept is designed to empower drivers by helping to improve on-road safety.

INFINITI QX50 Concept Engine

World's First VC-Turbo

Designed to keep pace with your life, INFINITI introduces the first ever VC-Turbo engine with the QX50 Concept. It transforms automatically to smartly balance the drive on your journey forward.

Power you expect from a premium crossover matched with surprising fuel efficiency – the best of both worlds. INFINITI’s advanced Variable Compression or VC-Turbo engine adapts its compression ratio according to driving conditions to deliver optimal levels of performance and efficiency.

Designers looking at the INFINITI QX50 Concept

That’s when we can really strike INFINITI, this blend of technology and humanity. As we develop these cars in clay and I’m watching the sculpting, especially the teams we have, the artistry, it’s just a process that I really love.


Alfonso Albaisa, INFINITI Executive Design Director

INFINITI QX50 Concept crossover, side profile in brown

Power Meets Human Artistry

The QX50 Concept’s exterior is a highly refined execution of crossover design. Taut and muscular lines with flowing and profiled surfaces combine to create a body that is as strong as it is exquisite.

INFINITI QX50 Concept interior, highlighting spacious front cabin

Grace Within

Wood, leather and stitching are used to establish new trends in premium car interior design, while utility is still respected with a spacious cabin and cargo area.

INFINITI QX50 Concept Rear View
2020 QX50


The concept has become reality. Explore the all-new QX50 now.

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