A Vision of INFINITI's Future

Experience a preview of INFINITI's first all-electric concept vehicle and enjoy a sneak peek at three other visionary concept and future models on the way.

Pack shot of new INFINITI Vehicles previewed during New Dawn event


Presenting Our All-Electric Sedan Concept

The Vision Qe concept previews the design of INFINITI’s first all-electric vehicle and represents a vision of INFINITI’s electrified future.

Side profile of the INFINITI Vision Qe EV Sedan concept vehicle
Side profile of the INFINITI Vision Qe EV Sedan concept vehicle highlighting driver side wheel

Spirited and Graceful Movement

To deliver a product that stirs emotion and challenges convention, every element must be carefully considered. Vision Qe's machine-finished wheels, for example, feature a pattern inspired by the tightly wound coil of an electric motor.

INFINITI Vision Qe EV Sedan concept vehicle highlighting rear LED lights

Digital Artistry

INFINITI's signature digital piano key lighting graces the front and rear of Vision Qe. The taillights are divided into short segments which illuminate independently in a brilliant shade of gold, creating unique lighting themes that draw the eye and inspire the imagination.

Driver side profile of the INFINITI Vision Qe EV Sedan concept vehicle highlighting

Minimalism That Hints at Performance

The sculpted body and sleek, low profile of Vision Qe deliver a sense of dynamism and movement. Three Japanese design philosophies - kabuku, sho, and sui - have guided our approach.


Looking Toward a Bright Horizon

At INFINITI, we're constantly pushing boundaries and challenging convention. Read on to discover three more new models that will pave the way toward our future.

Front profile of the INFINITI Vision QXe EV Crossover SUV concept vehicle

Vision QXe Concept: Our First All-Electric Crossover SUV

The Vision QXe concept blends the practicality of a crossover with our latest design language and future-forward EV technologies.

Front profile of the INFINITI QX65 Crossover Coupe pre-production model

QX65: Our All-New Crossover Coupe

Inspired by the pioneering INFINITI FX, the all-new QX65 will enter future production as a stylish two-row crossover in the midsize segment.

Front profile of the 2025 INFINITI QX80 SUV pre-production model

QX80: Our Next-Generation Flagship SUV

The QX Monograph has been confirmed as the completely redesigned QX80 - INFINITI's newest full-size flagship SUV arriving in 2024 and featuring a sophisticated interior space complemented by a powerful yet minimalist exterior design.

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