INFINITI Sticker Pack

Empower Your Messages With The New QX50 Stickers

Introducing the newest addition to the INFINITI sticker pack collection: the all-new 2019 INFINITI QX50. We’ve
created over 26 QX50 stickers to help empower your conversations and interact with INFINITI’s most innovative vehicle yet.

INFINITI sticker packs allow you to explore the all-new 2019 INFINITI QX50, 2018 Q60 and 2018 QX30 directly in your text messages. Share your favorite color with a friend or customize your favorite INFINITI by switching out the wheels and by placing it on top of your own photo to see it almost anywhere. Scroll down to learn more about the sticker packs or visit the App Store to download them today.

Q60 Sticker Pack Demo

Share The All-New 2019 INFINITI QX50 In Your Texts

INFINITI QX50 Sticker Pack Features

Explore Colors

Discover QX50’s striking colors in your iMessages.

INFINITI QX50 Sticker Pack Features

Build Your QX50

Pick the perfect wheels for your QX50 by layering stickers.

INFINITI QX50 Sticker Pack Features

Put It In Your Driveway

Place a QX50 on top of photos to see it just about anywhere.

Create Your Ideal Q60 In iMessage

INFINITI Q60 Sticker Pack Features

Explore Options

Build a Q60 in your messages with configuration options.

INFINITI Q60 Sticker Pack Features

Empower Customization

Layer stickers on top of each other to customize the Q60.

INFINITI Q60 Sticker Pack Features

Enhance Photos

Drop a Q60 on your photos to see it in your driveway.

Explore The Versatility Of QX30

INFINITI Q60 Sticker Pack Features

Find Your Favorite Angle

Share QX30’s bold exterior and interior design.

INFINITI Q60 Sticker Pack Features

Pick A Background

Drop QX30 on top of your favorite background.

INFINITI Q60 Sticker Pack Features

Change The Terrain

Layer QX30 on top of terrain stickers to show its versatility.

Get Started With INFINITI Stickers

Download the INFINITI QX50, Q60 and QX30 Sticker Packs from the App Store to start sharing your favorite INFINITI in your iMessages.

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Discover our entire lineup of vehicles.

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