Front profile of the 2025 QX80 luxury SUV


This is the All-New 2025 QX80

Discover INFINITI’s bold new take on flagship SUV luxury – where everything, for every passenger, is just right. Coming summer 2024.

Evolved Design Form

The dramatic debut of QX Monograph marks a daring new era for INFINITI and provides an alluring vision of its future design language. [[2593]]


Characterized by a confident, athletic stance paired with grand, yet graceful proportions, the design of QX Monograph is seamlessly executed for a harmonious balance of form and function while making an utterly distinct visual impact. 


The result is a powerful, yet sleek profile and a minimalist exterior infused with evocative details that heralds the evolution of INFINITI’s design language in bold, standout style.

Driver side profile of the INFINITI QX Monograph Concept SUV

Powerful Proportions

In sculpting the QX Monograph, the INFINITI design team drew inspiration from Japanese design philosophies to evolve its definition of modern Japanese luxury. These include “ma,” the mastery of empty space; “utsuroi,” representing seamless transitions; and “kabuku,” which translates to “provocative and extraordinary.”

“We approach each INFINITI design from the perspective of an artwork, with the aim of evoking emotion and intrigue. The QX Monograph presented a sizable canvas for us to explore INFINITI’s artistry at maximum scale and create something bold.” 

-Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design, INFINITI

Precisely Crafted Details

Front profile of INFINITI QX Monograph Concept SUV

QX Monograph’s minimalist body features details that blend INFINITI’s hallmark approach to craftsmanship with the subtle yet distinct influence of Japanese style.

INFINITI QX Monograph Concept SUV headlight

QX Monograph features a unique lighting system that separates the main headlight assembly and daytime running lights. It results in a sense of the extraordinary – or “kabuku” – with the main headlight assembly positioned within the front bumper while the digital piano key daytime running lights are housed above.

INFINITI QX Monograph Concept SUV grille highlighting INFINITI logo

Elevating the vehicle’s sense of dynamism, motion, and power, a new three-dimensional INFINITI emblem takes pride of place within QX Monograph’s signature double-arched grille. Serving as a visual focal point to boldly announce the vehicle’s arrival, the new logo features pure white illumination, accentuating the bright road to the infinite horizon.

INFINITI QX Monograph Concept SUV rear accent lighting

The taillights of QX Monograph feature a smoked finish that illuminates a vibrant shade of red once switched on, creating a memorable signature at the rear of the vehicle meant to replicate the tranquil way that light shimmers on water.

INFINITI QX Monograph Concept SUV rear LED lights

QX Monograph is finished in a striking new hue created by the INFINITI design team called “Akane.” Inspired by the powerful yet serene moment of sunset, the paint features a complex, six-layer structure to channel the appearance of a warm glowing red dusk as it transitions into a dark night sky. The paint appears to vary in color based on light and viewing angle, capturing the surrounding shadow and light for a rich sense of dynamism.