ALG November 2010

"The new QX56 blends a luxurious and comfortable interior with cutting-edge technology and impressive power. These attributes were major factors in its finish at the top of the luxury fullsize utility vehicle category."[*]

AUTOMOBILE Magazine August 2010

"This interior has an attention to design detail and material finish that rivals Lexus and even Land Rover."

"With this direct-injected mill under its expansive hood, the 5850-pound QX56 (down 161 pounds) can definitely move."

"Perhaps the coolest feature is at once both an indulgence and a potential lifesaver." (tire pressure alarm/gauge) [*]

Edmunds' Inside Line July 2010

"Powerful, quiet, unflappable, well-appointed, family-friendly."

"Direct fuel injection (DI) is one ingredient in the not-so-secret sauce that transforms last year's adequate port-injected 5.6 liter V8 into this year's powerhouse."

"It packs a strong engine, excellent manners and a well-equipped cabin, and it's the most fuel-efficient of its peers."

"The QX is a very good example of what conventional wisdom might call a "dying breed"[*]

Motor Trend May 2010

"If you're in the market for a fullsize luxury SUV with all the latest technological wizardry designed to make driving it easier, look no further."

"Is there a better SUV in this category? Perhaps not."

"Body roll is, indeed, minimal, especially for such a large, comfortable SUV. And it (Hydraulic Body Motion Control) keeps head toss down, as proven by short back-to-back drives of the new QX against an Escalade."[*] May 2010

"Refinement is the keyword for the interior..."

"The QX is a deal compared with the Escalade, GL550, and Lexus GX460, and you're getting more truck for your money than before." [*] May 2010

"…it proved surprisingly nimble for rapid motoring on roads that would entertain a sports car or motorcycle pilot."

"Buyers looking for bragging rights in this segment might want to talk up the hydraulic body-motion-control system from the touring package, which replaces the antiroll bars with a hydraulic system connecting the shock absorbers side to side."[*]

Motor Trend March 2010

"…there's a lot of luxury going on in the cabin."

"Thanks to the major horsepower and body-on-frame construction, the QX can tow an impressive 8500 pounds in either rear- or four-wheel drive configuration."[*]

Edmunds' Inside Line March 2010

"And power they will have thanks to a direct-injection 5.6-liter V8 that delivers 400 horsepower."

"The cabin is stuffed to the roof with Infiniti's latest electronics."[*]