Balanced Power

The engine of the QX80 was designed to be both more powerful and more efficient. The 5.6-liter Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) V8 features dual overhead cams, 32 valves and sophisticated VVEL valve control that enhances throttle response as well as economy. 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque deliver an impressive 8500lb towing capacity[*] and the ability to pass with confidence. Acceleration is specially honed to the senses, increasing with a smooth, rising swell. The capability of the QX80 is matched with sensory reward.

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Hydraulic Body Motion Control System

Confidence, Through Any Corner

Experience the benefits of motion control. Infiniti Engineers complemented the power and size of the QX80 with innovative technology to augment cornering. The Hydraulic Body Motion Control system monitors force and distributes variable pressure to either the outer or inner suspension. The result is one you’ll feel with minimized body lean and a smoother ride at all speeds.

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Hydraulic Body Motion Control System Demonstration Video

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Hydraulic Body Motion Control System Demonstration Video

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(2011 Infiniti QX56 shown)

Better Cornering

As the vehicle’s weight shifts, the system uses hydraulic fluid to stiffen the outer suspension, creating a more level stance. It helps the Infiniti QX80 deliver a ride that feels more like that of a sedan.

Less Vertical Motion

The Hydraulic Body Motion Control system also helps isolate the cabin from irregular road surfaces, so vertical motion is reduced over bumps and potholes and passengers can enjoy a smoother ride.

Balanced Power

Infiniti QX80 with HBMC

Competitor without HBMC

Infiniti QX80 on irregular road surface

All Season AWD

Inspired Confidence

Because road conditions are unpredictable, the QX80 automatically adjusts for better traction. Infiniti All-Mode™ AWD monitors and tunes torque between front and rear wheels to help maintain grip on rain-soaked or snow-slicked roads. Yet individually selectable 4H and 4L modes also let you make the choice yourself. Infiniti engineering empowers the QX80 driver with a greater sense of command in all seasons.

Balanced Power