Road & Track January 2011

"The M56's interior is great, with beautiful wood, metallic accent and leather, all arranged with a sweep and form that's almost Italianated in expression."
"… The infotainment interface is among the best in the business..."
"Infiniti's blend of responsiveness, luxury, performance and style (the interior's at least) was enough to notch a fiercely contested win." [*]

Popular Mechanics November 2010

"… Moves with more finesse"
"Infiniti's new 420-hp 5.6-liter V8 is a powerhouse."
"The new M is packed with technical prowess." [*]

AUTOMOBILE Magazine May 2010

"And now there's a new M to battle it out with the new 5-series along with the new Mercedes Benz E-class and Jaguar XF."
"The M remains among the leaders in safety technologies, with the industry's first blind-spot-intervention (BSI)… We think it is great…"
"We have nothing but praise for the M's handling, which, like before, is characterized by beautiful balance and superb body control."
"The steering… Remains precise and predictable, even with optional four-wheel steering – something even BMW doesn't always get right." [*] March 2010

"…easily the most comfortable and luxurious cars Infiniti has ever produced"
"In fact that finely tuned blend of sportiness and luxury in these new M sedans could steal quite a bit of business from Infiniti's German rivals"
"…after driving the production sedans for a day on some challenging driving loops in the mountains near San Diego, we can say these new Infinitis are assuredly smooth." [*] February 2010

"…the M45 becomes the M56, and it features an all-new, direct-injected 5.6-liter brute of a V-8 that belts out 420 hp and 417 lb-ft of torque."
"The Infiniti M56 is one top performer among a rarefied set of highly capable competitors"
"The V-6 generates 330 hp, which is 5 hp more than last year's 4.5-liter V-8, so in this case, moving down from an M45 means you actually move up in horsepower."[*] February 2010

"…our favorite system is ANC (active noise control), which is standard on all Ms and uses the car's sound system to emit a low-frequency noise blocker that cuts down engine moan and tire rumble in the cabin."
"The most obvious change is the bigger, badder motor—a 5.6-liter V-8 making 420 hp and 417 lb-ft of torque, increases of 95 hp and 81 lb-ft."
"…large sedan that moves fluidly through corners with well-connected steering" [*]

Motor Trend February 2010

"…more stylish, more powerful, more fuel-efficient, and more technologically advanced."
"…M's steering proved quick, linear, and communicative."
"All occupants will appreciate the M's available Forest Air HVAC system…"
"...and the steering and brakes were deemed above par for the segment. The navigation system, too, was given top marks for its ease of operation. 'The nav is simplicity itself to use- one of my favorites on the market today."[*]

Cars Route February 2010

"…a lot more powerful than the last generation's 3.5L V6 and even more fuel efficient."
"The price for the new Infiniti M56 is a lot bigger than the last generation M45 but the premium package as standard and the new upgrades will make it worth every penny."
[*] November 2009

"The M's cabin is clearly more spacious and better equipped."
" is spot-on gorgeous."[*]

Edmunds' November 2009

"Outward visibility is refreshingly panoramic."
"The M56's technology credentials check all the right boxes for a modern luxury sedan." [*]

Left Lane News August 2009

"The exterior has a new look with a low front end and deeply sculpted fenders inspired by the Infiniti Essence concept car. The interior is highlighted by better materials, an advanced climate control system, and superior audio." [*]

MSN Autos 2009

"In terms of technology, the M will be available with at least one industry first: Infiniti's latest take on blind-spot detection. It's called a blind-spot "intervention" system, as it will actually pilot the vehicle back into the center of the intended lane if it has veered off-course. Inside, the new M is a very logical progression of the current Infiniti design language, which is to say it looks fantastic. If the Infiniti designers and engineers can get together and agree to the exact look we see in the concept photos, the company will have a class leader on its hands." [*]