Backup Collision Intervention [*]

Get the Bigger Picture

With this available world’s first system, sensors on the sides and back of the Q70 Hybrid help alert the driver of a potential collision with a crossing vehicle or large stationary objects detected while backing up. Should the driver continue moving on a collision course, the brakes automatically engage.


2016 Infiniti Q70 Hybrid Sedan Safety | Front Fascia with Adaptive Front lighting System with Auto-Leveling LED Headlights

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Anticipate the Road Ahead

This optional system can warn the driver of risks that may be obscured from the driver's forward field-of-view. It can sense the relative velocity and distance of a vehicle directly ahead, and the vehicle traveling in front of that one. [*]

2016 Infiniti Q70 Hybrid Sedan Safety | Forward Emergency Braking Diagram Q50 Shown

Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) [*]

Assistance When You Need It

The available FEB system monitors your closing speed to the vehicle ahead of you, helping detect possible collisions. It provides two warnings as the vehicle moves toward impact. If no action is taken, the brakes can automatically engage helping to avoid a collision or mitigate the effects of an impact.

Blind Spot Intervention® System

Safety Beyond What You See

At Infiniti, innovation remains tradition. Our optional, world's first Blind Spot Warning and Blind Spot Intervention® Systems [*] help alert you to vehicles detected in the blind spot area, then actively assist your vehicle back towards the center of your travel lane if it begins to move over.


2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick+

2015 Infiniti Q70 Hybrid models equipped with Forward Emergency Braking [*] have received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) highest safety award, Top Safety Pick+. IIHS safety awards are based on a vehicle’s ability to protect its occupants and prevent or mitigate crashes.