"…It's the world's first car to offer good fuel economy, incredible performance and decadent luxury in one package." [*]

Auto Week August 2010

"Just as when starting up, engine shutdowns are stealthy and surprised us with how seamlessly the system jumps between modes."[*]
"…Smooth, quiet and extremely comfortable."[*]
"…If you're looking for a satisfying-to-drive luxury hybrid sedan, then the Infiniti M35 hybrid is probably the car for you."[*]
"The Infiniti M35 hybrid hardly feels like a hybrid."[*]

Motortrend.com December 2010

"…it certainly has street presence…"[*]
"…the Infiniti delivers prodigious power off the line, rivaling that of a V-8."[*]
"…M is always in the zone…"[*]
"…With superb yet precise steering…"[*]
"It's quiet, and ride and comfort levels are class leading. Of all the hybrids out there at the moment, the M Hybrid is by far the most fun to drive."[*]
"The Infiniti M Hybrid is the world's most entertaining hybrid drive at the moment…"[*]

Popular Mechanics August 2010

"… The M actually won't have much competition – you'll pay almost twice the price to get an electronic motor or two in your BMW or Mercedes-Benz, and the sleepy Lexus GS Hybrid II…"[*]
"… Infiniti's M Hybrid has a genuinely sporty character, without sacrificing interior comfort or technology. Heck, it even looks good…"[*]

Motortrend.com August 2010

"… The hybrid doesn't lack for sportiness…"[*]