“Infiniti brings this technology to market first, not only offering a warning if you’re drifting from your lane or about to hit a car in your blind spot, but actually engaging the brakes on the opposite side of the car to pull you back into your lane.”

— AutoGuide.com

Radar Monitoring

As you watch for vehicles beside you, so does your Infiniti. The innovative Blind Spot Intervention® System uses radar to monitor blind spot areas on either side of your vehicle.

Visual and Audible Warning

The system notifies you with an indicator light when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot area. If you then engage the turn signal, the indicator flashes and an audible warning sounds.

Sophisticated Braking

With the Blind Spot Intervention® System, you have an additional measure of protection. If there is a vehicle in your blind spot and you begin to move toward it, the system activates, using selective brake application to help you move back toward the center of your lane and help you avoid danger.