“I drove a car. I took its data. I made music”

With that quote, Young Guru sums up how the all-new INFINITI Q60 Coupe inspired his newest piece. Using data created by the car’s jaw-dropping performance, one of the most influential DJs in music created a track as spirited as the car itself.

Young Guru is a DJ, music technologist, engineer and lecturer known for his work with some of music’s biggest names. He works tirelessly to elevate the discourse of audio engineering philosophy, science and technology. That makes him an ideal collaborator for INFINITI.

Young Guru INFINITI Q60 Track Research

From The Track

First, Young Guru drove the Q60 along a closed test track, capturing details like Dynamic Digital Suspension adjustments and engine speed and used this data to build a visual representation of the Q60’s performance.

Young Guru INFINITI Q60 Beat

To a Track

He took that data into the studio and the world-renowned DJ translated each torque build and transmission shift into high-energy music that is not only inspired by the Q60, but also evokes its signature sound.


The Sound of Q60

Like an idling twin-turbo V6 engine about to hit full stride, Young Guru’s Q60-inspired piece opens with a low rumble. Drum beats and a simple bass line allude to the power about to be unleashed. It builds quickly into a head-nodding beat with a driving guitar line that would feel at home in any heist-movie montage or the climatic finale of an action movie epic.

2017 INFINITI Q60 Sports Car

THE ALL-NEW 2017 Q60

Accelerate Your Potential And Performance

This is power through innovation, where the forces of advanced technology blow past limits. Two turbo engines, including a first-ever available Infiniti twin-turbo, culminate in jaw-dropping performance. Add in up to 336 customizable driver settings with the Infiniti Drive Mode Selector to take performance and control to a more refined level.

2017 INFINITI Q60 Bose Audio


You Can Hear It Here First

Experience true concert-like sound thanks to the available new Bose® Performance Series Audio System with Advanced Staging Technology which is making its worldwide debut in the all-new Infiniti Q60.

2017 INFINITI Q60 Haptic Feedback


Maintain Your Lane

In the same way that music is best when it stimulates multiple senses, the safety approach of the Q60 includes haptic feedback. This available feature vibrates the steering wheel if you move toward an occupied lane.


2017 INFINITI Q60 Grille

Feel The Thrill

Experience the refined craftsmanship, innovative technologies and the exhilaration of the twin-turbo V6 engine first-hand.

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