Safety and Security Highlights

Infiniti has taken a rigorous approach to safety with the Infiniti Safety Shield™. Guided by its Safety Shield philosophy, Infiniti offers layered technologies to help provide safety and convenience by monitoring conditions, helping you avoid a collision, and helping protect you and your passengers when one occurs.

Both models also feature Lane Departure Warning (LDW)[*], which alerts drivers with an audible and visual warning when they unintentionally move out of a lane.

The Q50 debuted with some world’s-first safety features and advanced technologies, such as the steer-by-wire system- Direct Adaptive Steering® (DAS), the available Active Lane Control (ALC) and Predictive Forward Collision Warning[*]. Predictive Forward Collision can detect a possible collision up to two vehicles ahead and assist the driver in addressing the potential problem earlier.

The Q70 is available with a number of innovative technologies, including Infiniti's Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention[*] systems, which use a small camera to detect lane markers and warn the driver of a potential unintended lane departure. Also offered are Blind Spot Warning and Blind Spot Intervention®[*] systems - which are available as part of the Technology Package - as well as Intelligent Brake Assist with Forward Collision Warning.

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