Etherea has an efficient hybrid drivetrain based around an in-house platform and the innovative one electric motor/twin clutch system used in the Infiniti M35h, the marque’s first hybrid currently on sale in Europe.


The supercharged 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder, 245-horsepower gasoline engine provides quick response and strong acceleration.  An electric motor boosts power when needed and provides silent, lower-emission driving at low speeds. The transmission is a continuously variable (CVT) type and, in an Infiniti first, drive is to the front wheels.


“As an exploration into what a future entry-level Infiniti may be like, Etherea is highly significant and a breakthrough in what Infiniti thinks about itself.”

— Shiro Nakamura, senior vice president of design

Inspired By Nature

In Japanese the name for the look of the dashboard dials translates as “Hamon.” Inspired by the ripples of a stone thrown in a pond, the speedometer, voltmeter and other gauge indicators extend outward in circles from the central tachometer.

Top 3 Technology Features

Hybrid Powertrain

The Etherea uses the same efficient system as Infiniti’s M35h Hybrid.  Designed to use electric power more often for longer periods of time to reduce C02 emissions.

Continously Variable Transmission

The front wheel-drive Etherea’s transmission uses an ingenious steel belt/pulley system that doesn’t have fixed gear ratios and allows for seamless shifting and constant power.

Independent Suspension

The Etherea’s independent suspension help to keep the tires in maximum contact with the road and helps to deliver the performance and handling that Infiniti is known for.

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