Frequently Asked Questions


Do Infiniti InTouch Apps support multiple phones and drivers?

Yes, Infiniti Connection and InTouch require separate enrollment and registration processes.

Which functions are limited when driving?

Driver distraction regulations may cause certain functions to be unavailable while driving. For example, keyboard entry is only available when the vehicle is stationary.

Can I type while driving?

No, the keyboard is locked out while driving for safety. However, you can use voice response and customizable preset responses.

Can I use InTouch Apps services while driving?

Yes, all InTouch Apps are available while the vehicle is in motion, but may modify the presentation and availability of feature to avoid driver distraction.

Do data and interactions while in the vehicle transfer back to the phone when texting or using other applications?

Just like a phone call, text messaging is handled via Bluetooth. The vehicle acts as a gateway to the device, so any text that is sent or received stays on the device.

Is there a limited view or character limit when creating text messages?

The text messaging character limits that apply on your phone will also apply in the vehicle.


Enrollment & Account Settings

What information do I need to enroll?

To enroll in Infiniti InTouch Apps, you will need a corresponding Infiniti Owner Portal account. Your Username and Password will be used to log into the app. To complete Owner Portal registration, you will need your VIN available.

How long does it take to enroll? 

Creating your Infiniti InTouch account is quick and easy. Just install the smartphone app, create your account and either pair your Android smartphone to the vehicle or plug in your iPhone using the USB cable. You can then customize apps and services to your liking.

I already have an Infiniti Owner Portal account. What do I need to do to add my vehicle in my garage?

To add your Infiniti vehicle to an existing Owner Portal account via 'My Garage,' you will need to have your VIN available. You can also add a vehicle to 'My Garage' by logging in to the Infiniti InTouch App using your existing account credentials and pairing your smartphone to the vehicle.

How do I create my InTouch Apps account?

You can create your InTouch Apps account either through the InTouch smartphone App for iPhone or Android, or through the Infiniti Owner Portal at

Download Infiniti InTouch Apps Setup Guide

I am unable to activate InTouch Apps in my vehicle after following instructions. What should I do?

Please contact Infiniti Owner Services for further assistance. Agents are available Monday-Saturday from 8am - 12am ET at 1-855-444-7244.

Infiniti InTouch Support

Can I change the email I used to sign up for my owner portal account?

You can change your email address in your Owner Portal Account settings.

Can I delete my InTouch Apps account?

Yes, you can delete your InTouch Apps account through your App, or through the Owner Portal.


Phone Pairing & Compatibility

Why does my iPhone need to be connected via USB to my vehicle in order to use InTouch Apps?

The Infiniti InTouch system is designed to establish an authenticated connection with your device using the physical USB cable connection. At this time, the InTouch system does not support this type of connection via Bluetooth.

Is my iPhone required to be physically connected to the vehicle to utilize all InTouch features?

You do not need tether your iPhone to your vehicle to download the companion app, utilize hands-free phone functions via Bluetooth, or operate any of the vehicle-based systems such as navigation or audio functions (if so equipped). Your iPhone will need to be physically connected, however, to use Infiniti InTouch Apps in your vehicle.

Will the vehicle charge my iPhone while connected to the USB port?


Which versions of Apple iOS are being supported with InTouch Apps?

iOS 6 and above.

Which versions of Android operating systems and phones are supported?

Due to the wide variety of Android devices and operating systems, please reference for full compatibility.

How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with InTouch Apps?

Please reference

I have a Blackberry / Windows phone. Can I use Infiniti InTouch Apps?

Infiniti InTouch Apps is currently available for Apple and Android operating systems.

I can't connect via Bluetooth after following instructions. What can I do?

Some Bluetooth phones may have compatibility differences. Please visit to view your device setup guide. For further questions, feel free to call Infiniti Consumer Affairs at 1-800-662-6200, option 7. Agents are available Monday - Saturday, 8am to 8pm (EST).

Do Infiniti InTouch Apps support multiple phones and drivers?

Yes, you can have different mobile devices paired via Bluetooth, however, only one device can be connected to the vehicle at a time. Connections will be prioritized by the order in which the phones were paired to the vehicle.



If two owners are in the vehicle, whose phone will connect to the vehicle?

The smartphone which was most recently connected to the vehicle will have priority when two Bluetooth enabled smartphones are detected. For information regarding how to change the connected Bluetooth phone, please refer to your vehicle's owner's manual.

Is my billing information retained by InTouch Apps?

No personal billing information is stored by the InTouch companion app.

Does InTouch Apps store any personal information in the car?

InTouch Apps stores session information during each active session, and this information is removed at the start of the next InTouch Apps session.

Do I need to be concerned about personal data security when connecting my smartphone to InTouch Apps?

Connecting your smartphone to InTouch Apps does not access the personal information stored on your smartphone, such as address book, but will require certain credentials for access to subscribed apps, such as Facebook.

What customer information or data is collected and shared with service providers or other companies?

Infiniti InTouch does not collect or share any data that is identifiable to the user - data will be anonymous. Usage and frequency data of the various services available in your vehicle will be collected.

Privacy Policy Opt Out Page

How do I opt out of marketing communications and promotions from Infiniti?

Click HERE to unsubscribe.

Where can I find Infiniti's privacy policy?

Where can I find the Infiniti InTouch Terms & Conditions?

Click HERE to review.

Why do I need to approve the Infiniti InTouch Terms and Conditions?

The Infiniti InTouch Terms and Conditions contain important information and disclosures concerning the system's operation in addition to explaining the rights and responsibilities of both you and Infiniti. This includes information about the subscription process, billing, and data privacy. Telematics services can only be activated after you have reviewed and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


Infiniti Connection

What is Infiniti ConnectionTM?

Infiniti Connection™ is an innovative connected car solution that combines security, service and infotainment into a complete package.

How does Infiniti Connection work?

Infiniti Connection uses a telematics control unit that is embedded in the vehicle, connecting to the cellular network to access the suite of services.

How many features are part of the Infiniti Connection offering?

Infiniti Connection offers two service packages (Infiniti Connection and Infiniti Connection Plus) with over 15 unique features. For an up to date listing of features, please visit

What services are included in the Infiniti Connection service package?

The Infiniti Connection service package contains the following services: Automatic Crash Notification, Emergency Call, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Report Stolen Vehicle, Remote Door Lock, Remote Door Unlock, Alarm Notification, Maintenance Alert, and My Schedule.

What services are included in the Infiniti Connection Plus service package?

The Infiniti Connection Plus service package contains the following services: Destination Assistance, Destination Send-to-Vehicle, Drive Zone, Max Speed Alert, In Vehicle Connection to Infiniti Personal Assistant®, and Valet Alert.

Is there a complimentary trial of Infiniti Connection?

Yes, a 1-year complimentary trial of Infiniti Connection and Infiniti Connection Plus is offered with the purchase of MY13 and newer telematics-equipped Infiniti vehicles. The trial period begins on the vehicle purchase date.

Is a credit card required for the complimentary trial of Infiniti Connection?

No, the trial subscription for both service packages is free.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can contact Infiniti Connection?

You can contact Infiniti Connection as often as you like. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You can access Infiniti Connection in the car, from any computer, or your Infiniti Connection smartphone app.

Is any additional software or hardware needed to use Infiniti Connection?

No additional equipment needs to be purchased or installed in the vehicle. All that is needed to activate Infiniti Connection services is a completed subscription agreement.

Where is Infiniti Connection available?

Infiniti Connection is available in all 50 states for US subscribers and in all provinces for Canadian subscribers. Infiniti Connection services are dependent upon the telematics device being in an operative condition, compatible wireless network availability, navigation map data, and GPS satellite signal reception, the absence of which can limit the ability to reach either Infiniti Connection Customer care or receive support. Terms and conditions of the Infiniti Connection Subscription Agreement apply.

Can I upgrade my current vehicle so that I can use Infiniti Connection?

You must purchase a vehicle originally equipped with Infiniti Connection in order to use the services.

Do I need my cell phone in order to use Infiniti Connection Features?

You will be able to use Infiniti Connection features without the need to have your cell phone in the car. However, the Infiniti Connection App on your smartphone allows you to access convenient remote services from outside of your vehicle.

Is there an Infiniti Connection Mobile App?

Yes. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

If another member of my family uses the vehicle, can they access Infiniti Connection?

A second driver can use most Infiniti Connection services. However, that person cannot subscribe, purchase, or renew Telematics services. The primary owner can set up "Additional Drivers" in their Infiniti Connection account through the Infiniti Owner Portal.

What do I do if I lose my Infiniti Connection PIN?

If you lose your Infiniti Connection PIN, please contact the Infiniti Connection Response Center at 1-800-334-7858. Your Infiniti Connection PIN will be provided after a series of security questions.

How do I renew my Infiniti Connection subscription?

You can renew your Infiniti Connection subscription through the Owner Portal at any point to prevent a lapse in service.

Can I automatically renew my Infiniti Connection subscription?

Yes. After your first renewal, you will be able to configure your payment as automatic. You will be notified prior to each automatic payment, where you'll have the opportunity to cancel if needed.

AT&T has announced plans to terminate its 2G network coverage on December 31, 2016. How does this affect my access to Infiniti Connection?

AT&T is a third party that Infiniti does not control, and technology in this area is constantly evolving. Infiniti strives to stay ahead of evolution in technology but that is sometimes a challenge given the nature of technology and changes made by third parties outside of Infiniti’s control. We are exploring alternative network solutions for Infiniti Connection service options, and although we don’t have anything to announce now, if and when we do we will advise customers.


Infiniti Q50 Technology Systems

My apps are taking a while to download to the vehicle. Is this normal?

It is normal for the Infiniti Smartphone Application to take several minutes to download apps to your vehicle. If downloading is taking longer, check to ensure that the phone is properly paired to the vehicle.

How often do my Infiniti InTouch features, including GPS, need to be updated? Does an update cost anything?

Future system updates will be announced when available, but are not required to access new Apps. New App updates will be able to be downloaded automatically using the connected smartphone during the subscription period and are included in the subscription cost. The onboard Map database can be updated at an additional cost. Please call customer service and select option 5 to get pricing on a new database. Try using Infiniti Connection search services to check for places that may not be availabe in the onboard map database.

If the system is running or responding slowly, or freezing, what can I do?

Infiniti InTouch uses an operating system like those found on many computers, tablets and cell phones. Like these devices, sometimes programs do not respond immediately and this may temporarily delay system use. In most situations, simply waiting a few moments longer should be sufficient for the pending operations to complete. The system can be easily reset if it temporarily does not respond to commands or freezes. Simply push down the Audio Power knob for at least 5 seconds. The system will turn off and restart.

It takes a while for the system to start-up before I can use audio, phone, navigation, app features, etc. Is this normal?

Due to the large number of features and capabilities that the Infiniti InTouch system needs to load on start-up, it may take up to a minute for all functions (such as Apps) to be available. The system will display “Now Loading All Apps…” during this time. During the start-up period, hard button controls for audio and climate will become available before startup is complete.

Can software updates be downloaded directly to the vehicle, so I don't have to go to the dealer?

The software required to upgrade the system is very large and requires that the system be set to a special installation mode. Updating at your Retailer ensures that the integrity of the software update files are intact and completed.

How do I know what software level I have in my Infiniti InTouch?

Please visit your dealer and they will check your InTouch software version and inform you whether you need an update or not.

How long will the initial software update take and how much will it cost?

The initial update will take approximately 2 hours and will be free to Q50 owners. A service appointment is recommended with your preferred dealer.

Will I need to visit the retailer for future upgrades, including new Apps?

It is expected that you will only need to visit the retailer for major system updates. After the initial upgrade, future new Infiniti InTouch Apps updates will be distributed through your phone’s app store (Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone).

What happens if I don’t get the software update? Will my car stop working?

Your car will continue to operate. However, this upgrade is recommended for your continued enjoyment of your Infiniti Q50 and its next generation information technology system. Without this upgrade, the Infiniti InTouch system will continue to function, but you will not have access to these new features or any performance enhancements included in the upgrade.



Is SiriusXM All Access available on all vehicles equipped with satellite radio?

Yes, SXM All Access is the name of the free trial, which now encompasses Basic Radio, Premier Radio Content, Web Listening, App/Mobile Listening, My SXM (App/Web feature).

What vehicles come equipped with SXM Travel Link and what options are required for this feature?

Please refer to for the latest listing of vehicles.



Does my navigation system update automatically?

A map update is not automatic. However, it is easy to purchase the latest update. You can order your map update online at the Infiniti Navigation Store, or by calling 1-888-362-8837 Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm (EST), and Saturday 10am - 6pm (EST).

How often should I update my map?

To keep your navigation system performing at its best, it is important to update your map every time a new map is released. That’s because up to 15% of roads and points of interest change between each map update release.

Why is a map update important?

A map update helps your navigation system keep up with a changing world. Each year, thousands of new miles of highway are added across the U.S. At the same time, roads change, there are new addresses and subdivisions, and businesses and stores open and close. That makes a map update essential for traveling with confidence.

How does a map update save time and money?

Your vehicle’s navigation system is designed to improve your route efficiency. Taking it may help save you valuable time and reduce fuel costs. Driving more efficiently can also help minimize wear and tear on your vehicle. A map update can help your navigation system perform as efficiently as possible, which may also help you save time and money.

How do I install my map update?

Once you receive your map update product, simply follow the easy instructions that are enclosed.

You can order your map update online at the Infiniti Navigation Store, or by calling 1-888-362-8837 Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm (EST), and Saturday 10am - 6pm (EST).

What are the points of interest on a map update?

Points of Interest, or POIs, are important destinations that you should know about as you travel. Some POIs are landmarks or interesting places to visit, such as state parks. Others are exciting destinations, including restaurants, shopping and golf courses. POIs also include essential services, such as ATMs, gas stations, parking lots and pharmacies. It is important to note that there are thousands of POIs added between each map update. In addition, many POIs close or change their locations, so it is beneficial to have the latest map update information.

How can I update my Navigation data?

All updates are available at the Infiniti Navigation Store.