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Driving Performance

At Infiniti, performance is in our nature. It is built into every
vehicle we make and the focus of everything we do. It led us
to a technical partnership with four time Formula One World
Constructors' Champion Infiniti Red Bull Racing. This is a
partnership built on performance, and the RB10 performs
brilliantly in the most prestigious racing series in the world.

Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations while showcasing the various engine and technical changes that have taken place to transform the RB9 into the RB10.

The Evolution Of The RB10

Infiniti RB10 F1 Car Front Profile | Infiniti Red Bull Racing



The RB10’s hybrid powertrain generates an unbelievable 760 horsepower. That power comes from a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 that is smaller than a gas engine you’d find in an American road car, and an electricity-generating Energy Recovery System.

0-60 MPH:


That 0-60 time is remarkable, but it doesn’t end there. Less than 10 seconds off the line, the RB10 can be doing 190 miles an hour.[*]

Top Speed:

235 MPH

235 MPH is roughly the top speed of an F1™ car. How fast is that? If you’ve ever taken off in a full-sized airliner, you might have an idea. That sensation of speed you feel as four jet engines kick in and rocket you down the runway – that’s the feeling of going 235 miles per hour. Now imagine going that fast in a small car, without a roof, in traffic, just an inch off the road.


5x the weight of the car

The RB10’s front and rear wings, underbody, and diffusers all contribute to producing over 7,500 lbs. of downforce, which is equal to five times the weight of the car. This intense downforce is what allows it to stay in control through high-speed turns.


3.5 G

When an F1™ car screams through a corner at high speeds, drivers experience up to 3.5 G of lateral cornering force, which is more than what an astronaut on the space shuttle dealt with during takeoff.

Infiniti RB10 F1 Car Overview | Infiniti Red Bull Racing
Infiniti RB10 F1 Car With Active LED Tail Lamp | Infiniti Red Bull Racing


The Power of Nature >

A Formula 1™ Championship contender, the checkered-flag-taking RB10 racecar
is actually a hybrid. It converts kinetic energy from the brakes and heat energy
from the turbocharger into electricity, and then turns that electricity into a 160
horsepower boost. The same principle–capturing energy that would otherwise be
wasted and using it to increase performance–is behind every Infiniti Hybrid.

Infiniti RB10 F1 Car Rear Profile | Infiniti Red Bull Racing


The Shape of
Performance >

Clearly an F1™ car and a road car are very
different animals, but they are both subject to
the same laws of physics, the same air flowing
over them.

- Rob Marshall

Chief Designer, Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Infiniti RB10 F1 Car With Sebastian Vettel in the Cockpit | Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Paddle Shifters

Shifting Priorities >

Sebastian Vettel uses the RB10’s semi-automatic transmission and
paddle shifters to change gears about 3,000 times in a 90 minute F1™
race. It’s unlikely you’ll ever put your Q60 IPL through such a workout,
but it does have an available semi-automatic 7-speed transmission
controlled by solid magnesium paddle shifters.

Infiniti Technology Inspired by Formula 1™