World's First Technology

Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection

Heightened Awareness

Infiniti introduced the world’s first Around View® Monitor [*], delivering advanced yet intuitive technology, helping to make parking easier. Four cameras positioned around the vehicle give you a virtual 360° bird's eye view on your display. Infiniti has now enhanced the system with Moving Object Detection [*] — alerting the driver to moving objects detected within the display image. Offering a new perspective of the world around you, your Infiniti helps you navigate even the tightest spaces.

Infiniti Safety Intelligent Brake Assist | 2015 QX60 Safety

Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection [*] | 0:30 Demonstration Video | 2013 Infiniti JX35 shown


World's First Technology

Blind Spot Intervention

Safety Beyond What You See

Another world's first technology from Infiniti, the Blind Spot Intervention® system[*] helps alert you to vehicles in the blind spot area when driving, then actively assists you back toward the center of your travel lane if you begin to move over.

Infiniti Safety Beyond what you can see | 2015 QX60 Safety

Intelligent Brake Assist

Anticipate the Road Ahead

Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA)[*] system with Forward Collision Warning (FCW)[*] uses a sensor from the Intelligent Cruise Control system[*] to continuously monitor and analyze closing speeds to a vehicle or a stationary vehicle ahead. FCW can sense an imminent collision and will provide a two-stage warning to the driver as the vehicle moves towards impact. If the driver does not respond adequately to both consecutive warnings and a collision can no longer be avoided, IBA will automatically engage the brakes to help reduce the speed of a collision.

Infiniti Safety Lane Departure Prevention | 2015 QX60 Safety
Infiniti Safety Shield | 2015 QX60 Safety

Safety Shield® Concept

All Things Considered

The Infiniti Safety Shield® concept is our comprehensive approach to safety. The QX60 offers layered technologies to help provide safety and convenience by monitoring conditions, helping you avoid a collision, and helping protect you and your passengers when one occurs.

Risk has not
yet appeared
Infiniti Safety Shield: Risk has not yet occured | 2015 QX60 Safety

Risk has not yet appeared Helps maintain comfortable driving.

Intelligent Cruise Control
(Full-Speed Range)[*]

Available technology automatically adjusts speed to adapt to the traffic flow.

Distance Control Assist[*]

Available, industry-first system intuitively helps the driver release the throttle and apply brakes during traffic conditions that require frequent braking.

Around View® Monitor with
Moving Object Detection[*]

The world’s first Around View® Monitor now with Moving Object Detection gives you a virtual 360° view of your parking environment and provides visual and audible warnings for moving objects within the display image.

Risk has appeared
Infiniti Safety Shield: Risk has appeared | 2015 QX60 Safety

Risk has appeared Helps the driver recover to normal driving conditions.

Lane Departure Prevention[*]

Lane Departure Prevention helps the system detect unintended lane drift and automatically assists the driver to return toward the center of the lane.

Backup Collision Intervention[*]

The world's first Backup Collision Intervention (BCI) system is another significant evolution of driving confidence. Sensors on the side and back of the vehicle help alert the driver of a potential collision with a crossing vehicles and large objects while backing up. Should the driver continue moving the gas pedal force feedback will engage and if the driver continues on a collision course, the brakes will automatically engage.

Blind Spot Intervention® and Blind Spot Warning[*]

A world's first technology helps alert the driver, when attempting to change lanes, to the presence of a detected vehicle in the blind-spot area. It also assists the driver in returning the vehicle back toward the center of the lane.

Collision may occur
Infiniti Safety Shield: Collision may occur | 2015 QX60 Safety

Collision may occurHelps the driver recover to safer driving conditions.

Brake Assist with Preview [*]

The Preview function anticipates the need to apply emergency braking and pre-pressurizes the brake system to help improve brake response.

Collision unavoidable
Infiniti Safety Shield: Collision unavoidable | 2015 QX60 Safety

Collision unavoidableHelps minimize injuries when a collision is unavoidable.

Intelligent Brake Assist[*]

The system warns the driver when there is a risk of collision ahead and if the driver takes no action, it automatically engages the brakes to reduce speed and mitigate damage if a collision becomes unavoidable.

Infiniti Safety Shield: Collision | 2015 QX60 Safety

Collision Helps minimize injuries when a collision has occurred.

Restraints and Body Structure[*]

Infiniti Advanced Air Bag System; front seat-mounted side impact supplemental air bags and roof-mounted curtain side impact air bags with rollover sensor for both rows; front seat belts with pretensions, load limiters and seat belt reminders. Zone Body Construction with front and rear crumple zones.

Infiniti Safety Beyond what you can see | 2015 QX60 Safety


Backup Collision Intervention

Infiniti Safety Beyond what you can see | 2015 QX60 Safety


Lane Departure Prevention