July 2010

"It's a refreshingly unique offering in the market and has its niche all to itself" [*]

Road & Track December 2009

"Considering how many miles the EX accumulated during its time here, well, that's a testament to just how useful this compact Infiniti compact is."[*]

Road & Track December 2009

"It has enough torque on tap to keep us happy, and the fuel economy is surprisingly good." [*] January 2009

"The strong, near-300 hp V-6, impressive steering precision, and excellent balance of ride and handling put the EX at or near the top of the class when it comes to driving enjoyment." [*]

Road & Track July 2008

"The Around View Monitor is easily the best parking aid invented by man!"[*]

Car and Driver April 2008

"On the road, the EX35 strikes a pleasing balance, muscular enough to move with confidence, compliant enough to provide essential comfort to mainstream motorists."[*]

LA Times January 2008

"'s a nice-looking machine. And the inside is just spectacular."[*]

Motor Trend October 2007

"Given its standout sheetmetal, athletic chassis, foremost luxury, and clever technologies, the EX should prove a formidable player in its segment."

"The EX Journey comes equipped with arguably the richest interior in its segment."[*]