2017 Introducing the first ever QX30

For a New Breed of Driver

The first ever QX30 sits above the rest. It's a premium active crossover that's anything but compromising. With progressive styling, superior refinement, and advanced technology, only the bold dare to take the driver's seat. [*]

Reserve Your QX30
2017 Infiniti QX30 AWD | Infiniti USA * Infiniti 2017 QX30 AWD model shown.

Reserve Your QX30

An Exclusive Offer From Infiniti

In appreciation of your early interest in the first ever 2017 Infiniti QX30, we’d like to extend a special reservation invitation. Reserve your QX30 now with no obligation, and receive your choice of exclusive gifts[*] when the purchase is complete.

Reserve Your QX30

An Exclusive Offer From Infiniti

In appreciation of your early interest in the first ever 2017 Infiniti QX30, we’d like to extend a special reservation invitation. Reserve your QX30 now with no obligation, and receive your choice of exclusive gifts[*] when the purchase is complete.

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Exterior Design

Let your style rise up

Bold design, strong looks, and command seating. The QX30 is the ideal urban explorer, built for downtown streets or weekend adventure. Deep, sculpted lines both lengthen the overall look and accentuate an aggressive stance, while bold wheel arches complement available 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

Rear View of the 2017 Infiniti QX30 with a brown exterior | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown

Undeniably Infiniti

Infiniti's DNA is evident in every curve. In front, the top arc of the grille mirrors the arc of the bottom to form Infiniti's signature double-arch grille. Trademark eye-inspired LED headlight design can be seen from both the front and the side. It is echoed in the taillamps for a definitive character from every angle. The side is punctuated by the Infiniti crescent-shaped C-Pillar and a dramatic rising and dipping shoulder line that runs the entire length of the vehicle—a line so deep and sharp that engineers had to develop a new type of 3D manufacturing process to get it just right.

Front View of the 2017 Infiniti QX30 with a silver exterior | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown

QX30 Sport Exclusive Wheels

Large 19-inch alloy wheels not only complement the muscular proportions of the QX30 Sport, they are designed to make handling more responsive and the ride more comfortable.

5-spoke rims on the 2017 Infiniti QX30 | Infiniti USA

Interior Design

The Shape of Nonconformity

Inside, shapes flow naturally in beautiful asymmetry. From the driver's seat, the intersecting arcs of the interior are refreshingly dynamic. Of course, your first impression happens before you ever sit down, so this interior was created to be breathtaking the moment you open the door.

2017 Infiniti QX30 dashboard highlights | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown

The New Feel of Individuality

On every surface of the interior, you’ll find the same high-quality touch and feel you get from the premium materials used on your favorite luxury goods.

2017 Infiniti QX30 seat highlights | Infiniti USA

Nappa Leather

This genuine leather is selected for its exceptional softness. In the QX30, it is used not only on the seats, but also on the dash.

2017 Infiniti QX30 leather door inserts | Infiniti USA

Finishing Touches

The headliner and front pillars are covered in Dinamica®, an elegant material that was originally developed for the high-fashion industry to give the look and feel of suede.

A Studied Approach

We tested with hundreds of people around the world to find a texture that was most pleasing to the fingertip, and created something to match it. Every location where feel is important and durability is critical—like doors and center armrests— you’ll find this material.

It's Your Statement. Make it A Bold One.

As unique as the interior already is, you can refine it even further to reflect your personal taste.

2017 Infiniti QX30 white leather interior | Infiniti USA

Gallery White

Designed to be the purest white leather available for possibly the purest expression of your style, these leather-appointed seats have been accented with red stitching for a fearless look.

Café Teak

Traditional, but nothing less than refined. Classic material meets modern reinvention with black stitching on chocolate Nappa leather-appointed upholstery and stainless steel kick plates.

Black Leather

The clean look of black leather-appointed seats keeps the interior of your vehicle looking sharp. Along with stitching that complements the curves inside, the premium look matches its premium feel.

Beige Leather

The natural look of beige leather appointments is complemented by a matching headliner and front pillars. Both work together to give the interior an open atmosphere.


Respond To The City, Or Escape From It

Obstacles and opportunities come up fast in the city. Enhance your abilities to respond with finely tuned handling that’s as agile as it is smooth.

Front View of the 2017 Infiniti QX30 with a silver exterior highlighting signature headlights | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown

Sharpness with Smoothness

Sporty yet forgiving, you can feel the attention paid to tuning the shocks. They hold the vehicle tighter as you take turns while also softening the feel of rough pavement and bumpy roads, delivering a rare balance of responsive handling and a smooth ride. Engineers even reduced suspension noise to keep the ride comfortably quiet.

Fine-Tuned Steering

QX30 was designed to thrive in the fast-paced world of urban driving. Contributing to an overall sporty feel, the speed-sensitive system requires less effort in low-speed situations yet is more firm at higher speeds.

Sport Suspension

In the QX30 Sport, handling is sharpened and the look is more aggressive, thanks to a lower and firmer suspension. It is paired with front cross-drilled brake rotors that stay cooler for better stopping performance.

Seat Design

You connect to your car through the steering wheel and your seat. The seats are designed with special attention to ergonomics to provide maximum spinal support and reduce the pressure on muscles. This delivers maximum seat comfort while helping minimize fatigue on long drives.

Every Sense is Heightened and Quickened

From the feel of acceleration to the song of the engine, we’ve amplified the experience of power and the connection to every movement.

Side View of the 2017 Infiniti QX30 with a brown exterior | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown
  • 2.0 L TURBO

An all-new turbocharged 2.0L engine pumps out 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. [*] A 7-speed, dual-clutch transmission efficiently handles all that power by intelligently pre-selecting both lower and higher gears before a shift even needs to be made. It’s an innovative technology that increases both performance and efficiency.

2017 Infiniti QX30 drive mode selector | Infiniti USA

Intuitive Traction

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive infinitely adjusts for better traction by sending anywhere from zero to 50% of the power to the rear wheels, enhancing traction and control when conditions are compromised. When all-wheel drive is not needed, 100% of the power is channelled to the front wheels. QX30 has all the power you want, but in the interests of increased fuel efficiency, it uses only the power you need.

Drive Mode Selector

Select a driving experience that fits your needs of the moment: Eco Mode helps increase fuel economy, Manual Mode gives you a more hands-on experience as you manually select your own gears with the paddle shifters, and Sport mode gives you increased responsiveness for quicker acceleration.

2017 Infiniti QX30 shift knob | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown

Dual Clutch Transmission

Shift delays are now an artifact of history. The transmission uses one clutch for even gears and another for the odd gears. The next gear is already pre-selected, and the result is smooth, quick gear changes you’ll almost never notice.

A Continuous Rush

By precisely tuning the engine to unleash torque at a broader rev range, the force you feel seems to increase the faster you go. Acceleration Swell feels more like a limitless rush than a momentary thrill.


In Touch
With Your Connected World

Your life is always moving, and Infiniti InTouch™ seamlessly brings your world into your car. Stay ahead and connected with text, email, your calendar, and your music. Infiniti InTouch™ makes your world flow. [*]

2017 Infiniti QX30 with light tan interior highlighting a light tan dash | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown

Plug-In Convenience

Two USB ports give you twice the opportunities. [*] Get instant access to your music library. Charge your smartphone. Listen to tunes on a USB stick or drive. An optional 10-speaker Bose® Premium audio system will transform your vehicle into a mobile sound studio.

Bluetooth® Streaming Audio

Turn your synced Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone into a source of music, and listen to your top playlists over the vehicle’s audio system. [*]

Hands-Free Versatility

With the Infiniti Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, you can make and receive wireless calls using voice recognition. No fumbling. No need for a headset. Just press a button on the steering wheel. [*]

2017 Infiniti QX30 smart technology display | Infiniti USA

A Premium Connection

After you connect your smartphone, Infiniti InTouch™ brings your world into your car, allowing you to navigate unfamiliar streets, call your friends, listen to your playlists, or have your emails and texts read to you. [*]

2017 Infiniti QX30 voice assistant display | Infiniti USA

Adjusts To You

Infiniti InTouch™ delivers an intuitive experience right from your driver’s seat in the manner that best suits you. Once your smartphone is connected, you can interact with the state of the art system however you find easiest—through the 7-inch color touchscreen, Infiniti Controller or voice command.

Look at parking
from a different angle

Few vehicles offer such a comprehensive combination of awareness and parking assistance. Infiniti’s new Intelligent Park Assist uses 12 sensors to determine if a potential parking spot is the right size. If it is, you simply press a button to confirm, and operate the accelerator and brake pedals. Your vehicle will park itself smoothly in parallel or reverse-in parking spots. [*]

2017 Infiniti QX30 with around view monitor | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown
  • 12 SENSORS
  • 360° VIEW [*]

Around View® Monitor

Gain a new perspective on what's around you. With the Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front and Rear Sonar System, it's easy to see and maneuver in even the tightest spaces. Four cameras and one virtual 360° view from above elevate your parking expertise. [*]

Moving Object Detection

The four cameras not only give you an unprecedented view, they keep watch as well. A chime alerts you when a moving object is detected around your vehicle, and the appropriate camera is highlighted to show you which side it’s on. [*]

Master the Way You Move Through the City

Whether the roads are clear, chaotic or constantly changing, intelligent technologies help guide you through the action.

22017 Infiniti QX30 with lane departure warning | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown
2017 Infiniti QX30 Infiniti Navigation display | Infiniti USA

Maintain Your Lane

Lane Departure Warning helps keep you from unintentionally drifting from your lane. It utilizes a camera to monitor the distance between the vehicle and lane markings. If it senses you moving out of your lane without signaling, the system gently vibrates the steering wheel. [*]

Know Your Way

Find your way through busy streets and unfamiliar territory. The Infiniti InTouch™ Navigation System lets you choose a view that’s most intuitive to you—a 2D overhead view or a 3D bird’s eye view perspective. Lane Guidance will also help escort you exactly where you need to be for exits and interchanges.

Manage Your Pace

Set your desired speed and distance, and Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range) will automatically adjust your speed in slowing traffic, all the way to a complete stop. Once the way clears, Intelligent Cruise Control will bring you back up to your preset speed. [*]

High Beam Assist

Your high beams will automatically revert to low beams as an oncoming vehicle approaches and return to high beams once the vehicle has passed, helping increase safety for you and others on the road.


For What You Can't See

2017 Infiniti QX30 with advanced technology | Infiniti USA * European Model Shown

Recognizing Danger

Forward Collision Warning looks ahead, and if the closing distance between you and the vehicle in front rapidly decreases, it will warn you visually and audibly. [*]

Advanced Warning

Forward Emergency Braking adds another dimension of security. It detects vehicles in the lane ahead of you, and if deceleration is required, the brakes are applied to help minimize the severity of a collision—or even help prevent one. [*]

Helping You Stay in Control

Comparing actual vehicle cornering performance to the driver’s input, Vehicle Dynamic Control adjusts power levels and applies appropriate brake pressure to individual wheels to help correct oversteer or understeer, helping keep the vehicle on the steered path. Working in tandem, the Traction Control System senses wheelspin and automatically helps give you a surer foothold. [*]

Better Stability While Stopping

Electronic Brake force Distribution adjusts the amount of pressure applied to the front and rear brakes to help improve braking performance and reduce front-end dive.

Blind Spot Warning System

This system uses sensors to help alert you to a vehicle detected in the blind spot area in an adjacent lane. First, a warning light will illuminate, and then a warning chime will sound if you activate the turn signal. [*]

Enhanced Protection

QX30 includes dual-stage front supplemental air bags, front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags, front knee air bags and roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags with rollover sensor.

Reducing Force

In the event of a collision, advanced front and rear crumple zones deform gradually to help absorb the energy of the impact.

2017 Infiniti QX30 | Infiniti USA

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